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I’ll remain focused to restore Nigeria’s lost glory, says Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari, on Wednesday night, said he would remain focused in order to restore the lost glory of the country.

Buhari, who made the remark in Kano at a Dinner organised in his honour by Kano State Government, said he would continue to do his best to ensure that the country attained greater heights.

“I will continue to do my best because my problem is Nigeria. Nigeria is my target and I will remain focused to move the country forward,” Buhari said.
He said his administration would continue to accord priority attention to education so as to empower the youth, to enable them contribute their quota toward the development of the country.
“If you educate people, you empower them. So we have to make sacrifice to prepare the youth for the future,” Buhari said.
He expressed happiness over the wonderful reception accorded him and his entourage by the people of the state on their arrival in the state capital.

“I am overwhelmed by the massive turnout of people who left what they were doing to welcome me. This should be a clear message to the opposition.

“The support has been consistent, so I don’t have words to express my appreciation to the people of Kano state.”

The President congratulated Gov. Abdullahi Ganduje for working very hard to improve the living standard of the people of the state through execution of projects that had direct bearing on them.

He described Ganduje as a good politician who worked closely with all politicians, particularly representatives of the state, at the state and National Assemblies.
Earlier in his remarks, Ganduje said his administration had been able to execute a number of developmental projects, in addition to initiating various empowerment programmes for the women and youths.
He said as part of effort to address unemployment, the state government had awarded contract worth over N2 billion for the construction of a skills acquisition training centre, assuring that the centre would soon be completed and put to use.
“We have a number of projects that are ongoing and we hope you will visit the state in near future in order to commission such projects,” Ganduje said. (NAN)


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  1. Emmanuel Chukwuma Umeh 7th December 2017 at 10:03 am

    Dear Mr. President, your recent statement is not that so different from the one that you made on the 29th of May 2015, when you were inaugurated as the Nigeria next Democratic President!

    Among things you said then was that you belong to nobody and that you are for nobody. That you would seriously fight to kill corruption before corruption kills Nigeria!

    But what do we see shortly after your inauguration, witch-hunting of your claimed political enemies in disguise of fighting corruption in Nigeria, as well as carrying out your revengeful mission, especially against the South-East and South-South people, for giving you less of their electoral vote during 2015 presidential election.

    You climaxed your revengeful mission, especially through the use of some of Nigeria Security Agencies, including the Military on the South-East with the said “pyton dance”, and on the South-South with the “crocodile dance”.

    After that, you then went to receive a political chieftaincy title in Ebonyi State as “Good friend of Igbos”, which you and all reasonably sincere Nigerians of all tribes and cultures, really know is among the highest political lies being constantly told by this administration!

    If you don’t know Mr. President sir, corruption of all sorts, including money embezzlement, marginalization, nepotism, among others, has advanced more forcefully in the Federal and States Governments sectors in Nigeria, under your presidential watch from 2015 till date!

    Now again you said that Nigeria is your problem, how? If I may ask!

    That might also agree to the fact that many Nigerians are regrettably seeing you, President Buhari, as the main current problem of Nigeria, especially as the main cause of the witnessed tribal and religious disintegration among Nigerians of all tribes and cultures, since 2015 till date!

    Sir, to be more clearly honest with you, you have indirectly confirm that notion of many Nigerians to be true, especially with this recent claim of Nigeria being your problem!

    Nigeria as a country clearly knows those that are true patriots of Nigeria and all those who are just there in the Federal, States and Local Governments, just for their own selfishness and self-centeredness, including those that are using their political positions to divide Nigerians more selfishly, instead of uniting Nigerians on democratic transparency and honesty!

    When honest truth is told, all well-meaning and reasonable Nigerians of all tribes and cultures, will clearly know about that!

    And when a mere political statement is made, we do know as well.

  2. Ezekiel Okeke 7th December 2017 at 8:08 pm

    What does the comic figure nickname Buhari know about the fraudulent political name Nigeria? When do the said past glory under the fraudulent political name Nigeria ever existed? 1914-1960? 1970 to date? From 1914 to date, it has been conflicts- because the political name Nigeria is fraudulent political name- its end has come, so do the end of the fulani criminal terronsists has come, the way British end came in 1960, so the end of fulani criminal terrorist has come- fulani criminal terrorists who has been using the fraudulent political name Nigeria since 1970 and stole God given wealth of the natives, terrorises the natives, kill the natives etc.- it is over. Liberation of the natives has come, Freedom of the natives has come. God Is With Us!!!

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