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Ignoring fitness of the back structures may portend danger

It is unfortunate that most people, out of ignorance or negligence, don’t pay good attention to their back structures. Daily, their backs are frequently subjected unwittingly to undue stress until the back becomes sick and unable to perform its functions. Humanly speaking, the human back is a large and compact organ that is frequently not being taken care of by many people.  Most people go to hospital for check-ups for other organs. They go to check how their organs, such as the kidneys, the liver, the heart the lungs etc., are performing.  But there has not been any record of anybody that has been to a health practitioner to check the performance of his or her back structures, except when the back begins to feel pain and some discomfort.

Many of us frequently engage ourselves in physical exercises to keep fit. These workouts are mostly free exercises, such as bicycling, jogging. Others may be involved in exercises to develop and build strong muscles of some part of the body. In my observation and practice as a physiotherapist I have hardly or scarcely seen exercises performed by people that is directed at strengthening the back muscles. The negligence of the back by many people could be due to its location at the rear. Many people doing mat exercises engage themselves in sit-up exercise for their stomach muscles and a very handful performs push-up exercises, which are less beneficial to the back. Back-strengthening exercises are essential if you must live with a pain-free back and a healthy back. Back-strengthening exercises are best prescribed by reputable physiotherapist, who will consider important factors or variables such as age, size, sex, present biological state/health status etc.

Don’t be deceived by your bulky or fleshy back muscles. They may be void of necessary power to perform simple activities of lifting load from the floor or rising up from sitting. Lack of power or strength in the back structures could result to a serious catastrophe. This invariably will result to a herniated disc – commonly called slipped disc. A healthy back would enable you to perform task smartly and timely. A pain-free back would make you enjoy comfortable night sleep, perform your conjugal obligation to your spouse with no complaint of any twinge in the back, lift/carry  your baby in your hands with ease, do your work in the office  effortlessly and even do most domestic chores with less complaint!

Most people do not know that it is from the back that organs of our body are innervated.  The lungs, heart, stomach, liver bladder, reproductive system, legs hands, just mention it. Any catastrophe with the back can cause a whole lot of disorganization of the entire body function; take for instance any serious interference of certain nerves in the back might affect one’s gait-walking. 

Don’t ignore the health of your back structures! Don’t use your back as crane to lift undue weights or loads. Be careful what you do with your back, because it is the powerhouse for the entire body, supporting your trunk and making of the movements of the head, hands and legs possible!

As the year is ending, I implore you to preserve and take care of your back by applying proper body mechanics in any type of activities you find yourself doing so that it will last a lifetime!  Visit a good physiotherapist who will educate you on best and smart ways to carry out your daily activities without undue stress to the back structures.



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