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‘Igbo,’ not ‘Ndigbo’

RE: Southeast Economic Summit: Igbo Concerns, DAILY SUN January 26, 2017)

Et tu Lewis Obi?  Let me warn you, Sir, that if you ever use ‘Ndigbo’, to represent Igbo aggregate in written English, I will stop reading you. Where and when, dear brother, did you suddenly catch this anti-Igbo anthropological virus?

Now, take this lesson: whoever writes in English should be writing for Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth who, during her sovereignty of Nigeria was familiar with the Igbo, as one of the three major tribes in Nigeria.  But suddenly since about 30 years ago, many ill-educated Igbo have inured many into referring to our aggregate (in spoken and written English) as either Ndigbo/Ndi-Igbo/Nd’Igbo.  As a result, some genuinely confused people have also started writing our aggregate in English as “The NDIGBO.”

If you know the anthropological consequences of this breach, you will regret this initiation into this corrosive fad.

For God’s sake Igbo aggregate in spoken and written English, in all circumstances, is THE IGBO.  This Nd’Igbo/Ndi-Igbo can only be appropriately used in spoken or written Igbo.  The anthropological breach inherent in this callous and obviously faddish use of Ndigbo as our aggregate in written and spoken English – as you lavishly used in your column in the Daily Sun Newspaper Thursday, January 26th, 2017 – cannot be understood by anthropological laity.  True anthropologists who understand this will tell you its damage is priceless in time.  For that reason, I have avoided reading some writers I had drawn their attention to the inappropriateness of this fad, but who have consistently kept using it.  Our gate-keepers at the media, which you are, should know that Zik, Achebe, never used “Ndigbo” anywhere.

Gatekeepers in all ramifications must protect our Holy Grail.  Do you know that “Igbo”, among the Yoruba, evokes: THE ANCIENT? sir. I need not tell you that that “IGBO” among our people, is also rooted in THE ANCIENT?i.e., Gboo.  But this Fad of Ndigbo/Ndi-Igbo, in written/spoken English, causes noise in anthropology given, as the Igbo say, ‘ajo ife gbaa aro, o bulu omenani.’  (When/if evil is sustained for a year, it becomes CUSTOM).  And now, because our gatekeepers at the Media have cultivated it, some writers now can refer to our collective as “The Ndigbo”.  And geneticists will tell you that that is GENETIC MUTATION:  CANCER.

Let me end with what Cardinal Ekandem once told Catholic media men: “If the apostles had not diligently recorded what Christ said/did, we will not have the Good News today.”  And is why we respect writers.

My highest regard, sir.

Hon. Francis Ekemezie, Abuja.

Your today’s presentation is very moving and Obasanjo advised Igbos sincerely and should be commended.  Yes, Igbos must heed the call for unity which has eluded them since.  Igbos must realize the danger of the current neglect of their own security.  OBJ has said it all and it is a must that Igbos must rally round themselves. Ndu, 08033212172

I read you write-up this morning on the Southeast Economic Summit.    Please I’d like to have Prof. Rev. Nzamujo’s contact.  I am an up and coming farmer in my home town.  This will help me to go for training in his farm or to tap some knowledge from him.  Nwali Onyia.

I agree with you that no Igbo man is in the helm of affairs as you mentioned.  However, the Igbos had been there and cannot be there always as there are other ethnic groups in Nigeria.  In the last administration the Igbos were Minister of Finance, Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Minister of Petroleum by marriage, and other strategic areas plus 100 per cent vote for President Jonathan.  What did the Igbo people gain?

Dike, 08033072852

 Re: “Corruption beat goes on”

Lewis, come to Rivers State and see Governor Wike’s working wonders in all sectors of the state, roads, schools, hospitals, etc.  Wike is not an Abuja politician, he is on the ground.  What is his reason to bribe INEC officers?  We have few disgruntled APC members in the state.  If election is conducted one million times, it will be PDP all the way.  People now go to banks to pay their income tax without force.

The Police report belongs to the trash can.  We love our governor.  Wike is the best.  Am not from Rivers State.  Our Igbo people say, give a good farmer implements to do his job.  Amaechi and Dakuku are at Abuja, how many dem dey.  Chief Chino, Port Harcourt.

Sir, Why are you joining issues with these thieves?  We asked them to furnish us with the state of health of Mr. President.  When the heat was getting too much, they decided to distract us with Rivers election bribe scandals.

The election took place in December, how come the money was still intact in cash?  How come it is only Wike that offered the bribe being a sitting governor?  Was the election so sure for APC?  Through which channel was the bribe offered?  08062626713

It is a pity that a journalist of your caliber can easily accept the cheap blackmail by a manifestly partisan police against

Wike.  08022714016

Immunity for governors is desirable.  It is our electoral process that has enthroned scoundrels and common criminals to the otherwise noble and high office of governor.  Do you imagine that governors like Wike and Fayose would be in detention if not for immunity?  Are they worse than other governors.  Removing immunity will add to the already enormous power of the president who controls the police, etc.  Do you consider what it implies?

Immunity for governors and presidents are practised in most countries of the world and it works for them.  Democratic principles cannot change because Nigeria cannot manage its affairs.  These are high offices that should be occupied by people of very high intellect and impeccable moral standing.

U.B.O. Obinna

I just read your “Corruption beat goes on” Daily Sun Feb. 9, 2017.  It seems you accept that ‘farce’ called report.  I don’t.  APC members and agents can’t be wrong.  With ‘liar’ Mohammed in their rank you must be kidding yourself believing their lies.  As a commentator I expected a balanced story.

You got it twisted. 08055154211


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