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Idris Ibrahim: Which controversy next?

No one saw the vision earlier, neither did any one foresaw that the lnspector General of police , Mr ldris lbrahim  was going to mask himself  with  various controversies that  would gradually  and eventually engulf the institution of the Nigeria Police.  From the onset, barely two days  into his appointment, he called for a world press conference  on a “ holy day” being sunday where he disclosed that his predecessor Mr Solomon Arase had illegally gone into retirement with all the official cars on the lGP’s fleet. An allegation that  made headline news and turned out  not being well managed as it was not  well verified and substantiated. The truth was that lbrahim was habouring unforgiveness when he took  over the office and was quick to execute judgement which unfortunately backfired while  in its track. As the Assistant lnspector General of police , operations, lbrahim  was issued a query  while  under  the leadership of  Arase which  fortunately for him was over shadowed by his appointment. The anger resulted in his  early fury against Arase and other management team then. According to Arase, the purported removed vehicles were actually sent for  refurbishment  in anticipation of the  newly appointed  lGP.  Despite ransacking all the residences of both the out going lGP and his management team, for official  vehicles  and none was found ,yet lbrahim did not deem it necessary to tender an  open apology  for casting wrong aspersion on his former boss. That controversy eclipsed and people thought that  would be  the end of such controversy. No !, lbrahim was warming up to embroil the police in another controversy.  The over twenty top police officers  jettisoned by the President who preferred him, sparked another controversy when lbrahim  isdued them a red flag and confiscated all their  official vehicles and gave those of them occupying official  quarters  a quit notice to vacate within three weeks instead of the mandatory six months. lbrahim indeed had a grouse to grind with his former seniors.  As is the  tradition, the police service commission  plays  an important role in the administration of the police institution in the country, unfortunately, lbrahm is yet to pay an official courtesy visit to the commission till date . His aides  claim he is always busy and the question arose, is he more busier than MD Abubakar, Abbah and  Solomon Arase?. Simple, lbrahim is nursing some  undisclosed grudge. As the days unfold, more controversies  unfold. All the structures put in place by MD Abubakar and Solomon Arase were completely dismantled  as they were clothed in new names just to give the impression that these structures are his creation. For instance  the re-naming of  the IGPs intelligence unit to Intelligent Response Team (IRT) and the  Re-launch of Complaint Response Unit (CRU) to Public Complaints Rapid Response Unit (PCRRU)  is like re-clothing a Tiger, its actions would still expose its true nature

The latest controversy if not well managed could snowball into public odium that would further erase the guarded integrity of the police in public view. It is the allegation of a serving  senator of the federal republic of Nigeria 

Senator Isah Hamman Misau whom the Police described as a “deserter” still  bearing the registered name on its staff list as AP. No 57300 DSP Mohammed Isa Hamman on posting to Niger State . He had alleged that  N10billion was being cornered by the person of the inspector General of police on monthly basis  adding that bribe  was taking before commissioners are posted  to juicy  states. Although the police described the senator’s allegation as “premeditated evil plans to incite the public against the Nigeria Police Force, “ adding that the allegation was “unfounded fallacies aimed at casting aspersions on the renewed commitment of the Nigeria Police Force” yet, there are more questions begging for answer. One obvious question , is , here is a serving senator whose interest  to run in an election was publicly known  even by the police and other sister  security agencies, how come these facts of being a “ deserter” was   not known and investigated  for  appropriate sanction to be meted on him?. Why  crying foul after the kite had taken away the chicken?. When did water  enter into the Okro soup? The Police must put its house in order. This is one case that needs to be used to touch- light the activities of the personnel incharge of  its security documents. Yes, the police came out rather too late to stab the senator in the public  and by so doing, has incurred the judgement of the people who are also guestioning the veracity of the police clarification, which are rather very late. Had the police done the needful before now, it would have  receive  public   commendation instead of the present public insensitiveness to the  entire controversy.   Despite all  the efforts of the police to unveil the true  documented   details of the senator , there  are  many  commas and a big question mark to  all these presentation. Why now after over two years?.  However the senator got a respite in his claim of obtaining a genuine retirement certificate  when the Chairman of police service commission, Sir Mike  Okiro shut the police  mouth when on a radio programme  ,was quoted as confirming that actually the senator retired normally and was issued with a genuine document  as claimed and not “ forged” one as stated by the police what a way to end a heated controversy  that lbrahim ought to have managed appropriately before jumping the gun .  Unfortunately the act of jumping the gun has always  been  the modus operandi of the lGP since his assumption: take the case of the Arase official vehicles controversy,  the  delay in the prosecution of the notorious kidnapper Evans , the media war over the  report  released by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) and United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) alleging  that the police was one of the most corrupt institution    In the country, then the  Senator Isa Hamman controversy. Truely, some of these  controversies were uncalled for and could have been better managed by a  good leader.  When a leader acts aloof such is the consequences of  his action. lf one may ask, is police management team not functional?, how come lbrahim is falling into all these pits of controversy without their concern. Or is lbrahim running a solo administration that needs to be reviewed for the collective administrative and operational interest of the Nigeria police?. 

That  show of force in Umuahia

The recent  unnecessary  clash between the Military and some members of lpob calls for caution .  First, we must put all the issues rightly  on the table while  dissecting and asking  pertinent questions concerning the scenario after listening to all the reports from the lpob leader Nnamdi Kanu, Major Oyegoke Gbadamosi, Assistant Director Army Public Relations,14 Brigade, and the   Abia state police commissioner, Mr  Leye Oyebade . ( To be continued)


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