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How to prepare Moin Moin


•Beans (Brown/Black eyed)

•Ground crayfish

•Stock cubes

•Habanero pepper

• Ground nutmeg

• Tatashe peppers 

.   Tomato puree


•Vegetable oil

•Cool or warm water

•Salt (to taste)

 Add any of the following to the moin moin

•Hard boiled eggs: Cut the eggs into small pieces.

•Bone Marrow: Cook the bone marrow with spices and herbs till done then add to the Moin Moin at the mixing stage.

•Corned beef: separate into small chunks and add to the moi moi during mixing.

moin moin Containers

•Aluminium foil or

•Plastic Bowls or

•Uma Leaves 

•Jacket Moi Moi

It  is usually said that the moi moi wrapped with uma leaves tastes better than others.


•Wash the tatashe pepper (if using it). Ensure you remove the tatashe seeds as they have a tendency to give meals a bitter taste.

•Cut the onions into pieces, grind with the crayfish.

•Crush the stock cubes and set aside. Wash the habanero/scotch bonnet peppers and set aside.

•Now that the beans is soaked and tender, it is time to blend it.


•Blend the beans, tatashe or tomato puree, onions, crayfish, habanero pepper and ground nutmeg together with some of the water and pour the mix into a big enough bowl.

•Add the vegetable oil

•.Slowly add the remaining water and stir the mixture at the same time till you get a good mix of all the ingredients.

.Add salt to taste and stir very well.

.Pad the base of a big pot, pour some water and set on the fire. The depth of the water should be at most 1 inch.

•Dish the Moi moi mix into containers of your choice, add egg/bone marrow/corned beef to each container, seal/cover and set them in the pot.

•Add as small quantity of water as possible at a time while cooking the Moi Moi as detailed in preparation and use of moi moi containers so that the moi moi will not become watery when done. This is the case especially when using aluminium foil or uma leaves.

•The length of time you will cook your moi moi depends on the quantity and the moi moi container you used.

Serve with rice or pap for a dinner.


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