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How staphylococcus almost took his life

Dear doctor,

I want to thank you and commend your efforts in solving people’s problems in general and make things affordable for us. I am 40 years old housewife helping with my husband’s business. Sometimes ago, my husband and I came to see you after we read your column where you said although you are an orthodox Western medical practitioner, you were offering to help arthritis patients with plant medicinal/botanical/nutritional/herbal preparations that would cure their arthritis instead of just giving mild pain-relief, like Western medicines do. I have had arthritis for up to three years now and I had seen doctors by the dozen. They told me it was my weight – I am 110 kilograms although I am almost six foot tall –precisely 5ft 10 inches, that is 1.77 meters and large-boned and heavily built.

To reduce weight on my arthritic knees, I began a programme of exercise, which was quite harrowing/uncomfortable/discomforting. Specifically, I had crackling noise in my knees whenever I ascended stairs, which was most of the time, because I live at the top floor of a three-storey building. My joints were swollen. I was unable to squat on the knees and all these were worse with activity. On waking in the morning, I would feel relief, but as the day wore on, and I became active, I got progressively worse.

Doctors at two different private hospitals could not help me except with pain-killers and advice to exercise, which was not comfortable at all simply because I had joint pains and in exercise; it is majorly your joints that you use!! To get up from the kneeling position was always painful; I got up from seating or from a low seat with great difficulty and discomfort. To climb to my last floor apartment, the discomfort was much and I had to climb a little, rest a little, while I counted the stairs remaining for me to climb.

But after seeing you and listening to your explanation about the three choices of medicines (the wet; the dry and the ointment and tea), understanding their different prices (that help cut one’s coat to the size of one’s pocket) and taking away your wet preparation (for so very little) and using it for about 3 weeks I am a completely changed person!! My pains are gone!! I can kneel now (and even for long periods of time) without pain. The swellings of the joint has disappeared!! The crackling noise in my joints when climbing stairs is gone! I now climb the staircase with ease, no more puffing, huffing and counting of stairs to finish!

Oh, I still cannot squat properly as there is just a little remainder of my pains that still hinder me, but I am amazed that your wet preparation has changed my life already and will yet change it the more as I continue for the full treatment, which you say will need two more cans. My hubby and I are thinking of shipping the most costly ointment +tea to a relative oversea who has the same problem of medically incurable arthritis and has been told by surgeons over there that she needs to have total knee-replacement surgery! My dear husband, who has supported me cannot believe his good fortune at how nimble I have become in and out of bed as the arthritis, which wily-nily affected our love-lives before, has given way to a new zest in the bedroom, which has put the honey back into our moon! It is now almost as if I have no weight. I wonder what happened to the theory that my knees were arthritic because I was overweight.

I’m now on my way to “fullest recovery, singing Halleluiah!!! Thank you very much for the good work you are doing, and may God bless you.
– Singing Sally, Lagos

Dear Singing Sally,
Well, the taste of the pudding is in the eating, as they say. I actually used the stuff myself before deciding that such an effective and cheap remedy should be publicised. You (and as many others as are interested) are welcome to call these lines – 08033466574; 08028240983; 08093142261– for whichever preparation you would like the wet, the dry (which you suggest for Mama) or the third prep – ointment+tea. You will not regret your positive action. Act now!

Dear Dr.,
Could you please convince me you cure staphylococcus? Any stories about people you cured?
Jana Jebba, Jos

Dear Jana, 
I could tell you many stories but I’ll stick with just one, which we’ll call: “About to Commit Suicide!!”
Around July/August 2003, a very successful but unmarried businessman of 32 years of age wanted to commit suicide but decided to just come see me first before he would kill himself. The problem, you would have guessed right, was staphylococcus. Ten years of torment was enough, he had decided. He had been to different hospitals/doctors and had spent a ton of money on the ailment. I was the seventh doctor he was seeing.

Herbal practitioners also had been consulted -all to no avail. He had refused to consider thinking about marriage because of this ailment. He had deliberately neglected and let go of a relationship he really cherished but felt he could not, in all good conscience, continue with when he knew he had this ailment that had seemingly defied a cure. He was tired and despairing of life – he had seriously considered suicide.

At 32, he had no woman and was, frankly, not interested at all. He had begun building his own house in Lagos and it was a beauty to behold, judging by the photos he showed me. I asked him how he thought a house was complete without a woman, but he was disinterested in that consideration– all he sought was to get well– and he was afraid he was not going to. Apart from staphylococcus — or along with it, he also complained that his manhood was too small!!! And that, I believe, was contributory to his refusal to marry or even consider it!!!
Like I said, despite the fact that God blessed him greatly, he was ready to give it all up and just kill himself — so terrible and wickedly persisting were his staph woes — itching, movement/ funny feelings in the organ, weak erection, discharge from the penis during urination, frequency in urination, waist and back pain and ache etc., etc. all beset him terribly. The worst was that after treatment in all the places he had been to for help — after sometimes feeling well, he discovered the evil symptoms would come back!!! He was in tears as he narrated his woes, imploring me seriously to help him if I could.

I assured him he was going to get well and encouraged him to get out of his depressive state of mind.
We finally started treatment after doing extensive tests on him and spending substantial time interviewing him to get to know what was the source of the problem and what clues we could find to help with his treatment and once-for all cure. Once we began treatment, I must say, I discovered in him a star patient!!. He came for his injections/shots regularly, kept review and follow-up appointments with the doctor very religiously, always calling to confirm his appointments. He also paid up promptly and joyfully because he acknowledged the fact that we were giving him very high value for what he was paying for. Needless to say, by October ending that year, he had become so well that he had returned to his lost love and by December I met her and I was discussing wedding plans with him!! No more return or recrudescence of the symptoms or complaints — everything gone and gone forever. In fact, exactly about 15 months after I saw him last, he came again to see me. What for? He brought his cousin — a lady — for some other complaints.

When I inquired from him about all his former woes, he assured me he never saw anything like those challenges again ever since he had seen me last!!! No wonder he was ready to marry that fast!!! To God’s glory, we cured him –like we will also permanently cure you when you come over to see us.


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