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How I’ll spend my N25m prize money : – Efe Ejeba, BB Naija winner

By Tosin Ajirire and Damilola Fatunmise 
Winner of the Big Brother Naija reality TV show, Efe Ejeba, still couldn’t believe what has hit him. His joy knew no bound as he held the keys of his brand new SUV at a welcome back ceremony held in Lagos for him and Bisola Aiyeola, first runner-up, on Tuesday.
As he hopped into the air-conditioned car, he grabbed the steering and shook his head in amazement. Fielding questions from select journalists right in the car, Efe, in his characteristic waffy nature, talked about his time in the Big Brother House. Enjoy it.
Congratulations, Efe, how do you feel emerging winner of Big Brother Naija?
I am very happy and blessed. I can’t thank you people enough for your love, votes and prayers. God bless you a million times.

Now, what are your plans?
You will hear from me.

When you were in the House, some of your fans went as far as climbing the mountain to pray for you, how did you react when you heard about it?
Na so I hear o. You know, in Nigeria, we are very passionate about prayer; when we want a particular thing, we pray over it and I’m glad their prayers for me were answered.

Do you think your humility got you the prize?
I was surprised when I came out and people were saying I’m humble. Well, I would say I’m just me. I’m just the normal Efe, the rude Efe, the street boy.

You were very blunt in the House, was that the real you?
That is Efe o, as you see me so.

What would you was your winning strategy?
I didn’t go to the Big Brother House with any strategy. The way I lived in the House, na so I dey live for my house. I speak Pidgin English everyday not only because I’m in the Big Brother Naija House. I am an artiste but I’m not the type that sings on the street or at home, I only do it when I’m in my studio, and there was a time in the House when I said I should bring out that my singing side, all my friends know say if you do me, I clear you. I no dey hide my feelings at all.

How do you plan to spend the N25 million you won?
Well, I will spend it based on logistics (Laughs).

Do you have any plan for Marvis after the BBN House?
All those kisses have ended with the show (Laughter).

Did you have any girl friend before going into the BBN House?
No, I didn’t have a girl friend. Why now? It’s because I’m not really particular about girls. I do my thing the way it comes.

Have you seen your parents since you arrived from South Africa?
No, not yet. I’ve seen only my brother. I will see my parents when we are done with all these.

By taking you to South Africa, Big Brother Naija gave you the opportunity of your first flight ever. What was the experience like?
Omo na so I dey o. Yes o, na my first experience to fly be that o. I just dey shake like yoyo throughout the journey. Na the Lagos own first shake me but the South Africa own worst because there was turbulence. The man wey dey gist with me, na so the thing lift am. As I don see the man, na so I double the belt. I pinned my seat belt down till I got to Johannesburg. Yes, it was when we were ascending and descending that I saw hell (Laughter).

What are you taking away from Big Brother Naija?
I no understand that question o.

What are the lessons you are taking away from the show?
Okay, first is tolerance. Before I went into the House, certain characters were unacceptable to me. But now, I’ve discovered that there are nice people but they still have some bad characters you have to contend with.

Who was the most annoying housemate?
The most annoying housemate na Efe o. Na me kolo pass for that house.

Who was your crush in the house?  
Crush? It was Marvis.

How did you feel about TBoss?
Na TBoss go answer that question.

After Big Brother Naija, what’s next?
It’s music, music all the way. I also look forward to working with Olamide Baddo. He voted for me and promised to support my career. God bless him.

What about I Go Die’s promise of giving you N1 million. Have you called him?
I called I Go Die; you won’t believe that he called me back. He never still believe say I get credit to call him. God bless him too.


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