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Hidden spiritual knowledge (9)

“My business failed and I was indebted to many people. I lost hope of life and left my church as I got no solution from there. I started visiting some native doctors and they finally ruined my life. I had read your books in the past and was thrilled when I read your column. I started following you for some time and consequently contacted you. When I told you my problem you instructed me to order two bottles of your oil and pray with same; an attempt I initially considered impossible and unbiblical. But you did not bother yourself much about my case after you told me what to do. By the grace of God, I ordered it and finally observed the prayer you gave me for seven days. At the end, I discovered that the Holy Spirit came back into my life and I became freed from those charms that produced no result that native doctors gave to me. My life became a thing of joy once more and those that owed me started paying back and I have returned to my business and I’m doing very well now. I have paid all my debts too. To be frank, when I started, I thought it was a joke but today, my life is a testimony to others. I have returned to my church as you instructed me. God must bless you for the wonderful work you are doing..”

– Bro Jude, 08160759105

“Dear Prof., my two children confessed involvement in witchcraft activities. Their confession frightened my household such that nobody wanted to associate with my family anymore. My pastors didn’t help matters at all. I was afraid until someone that you assisted with your oil told me to contact you and I did not waste time to do so. You recommended three bottles of your wonder oil and I got them immediately, and prayed with them for my two children according to your instructions. I noticed that they could not fly at night to any spiritual meetings anymore, and they become normal and stopped behaving strangely. They stopped destroying things at home anyhow.  In fact, after the prayer, my children came back to us and we have started enjoying them like before. I can’t thank you enough for this sir.” (Anonymous)

I met a friend who has a mole at a particular part of his body that represents serious contact for constant demonic attacks. He has prayed and great and modern men of God have made merchandise of him, yet he got no solution. Every day of his life was spent in the ubiquitous attack of the enemy. He was even prayed for according to him by the most anointed man of God in Nigeria yet the attack persisted. He then wondered why it was so. When he read my column and contacted me, I instructed him to order two bottles of my oil and pray with same.

He did as I instructed him, after the prayer, the problem continued. In fact, it was as if each prayer he made was an invitation to more demonic attacks. He was under the constant contact of some higher evil forces that consequently made his body a playground for demonic experiment due to the attraction occasion by the electromagnetic signet seal of the mole situated at a particular part of his body.

Permit me not to disclose the particular part of the body under discussion for a reason best known to me. We need to encourage people and not to put unnecessary fears into them. God can solve all problems no matter the position of any mole. But take this hidden wisdom from me, God does not contradict himself. As a matter of fact, I asked the young man to visit me in Abuja. When he came, I saw the mole on him and quickly understood his role in the oracle of life.

Following same, I admonished him to take the colourless oil and to pray with same. I told him how to visit the past through his prayer. He consequently visited his past and got to the pillar of the mole (the centre of meeting and parting point of destinies), there and then he made a demand for the change in the WILL of Destiny.

The operators of same, divine angels, approved his demand and changed the position of the mole in the spirit and it consequently reflected in the physical. This later brought material blessings to him. There are mysteries of life and mysteries of the great life one has to choose the one he wants and follow same in good spirit.

Such prayer follows a process and it is achievable through serious concentration and spiritual dedication. Christ taught that, if we exercise faith like the seed of the mustard, we can move mountains. This means that one can change destinies if one understands the right spiritual principles.  These moles could be interpreted differently.  Yes, destiny could be changed but let it be emphasised here that the process by which this is done through prayer of visiting the past is certainly a serious task.

It is very possible for someone to see the future in the same vein, it is as well possible for someone to peruse the past and condition it. This prayer of visiting the past is going on from time to time in our various churches, but not in the right direction. We came from somewhere and shall empty into same place with time. This is very natural via death. But while alive, someone who is very close to the Holy Spirit can visit the divine realm through a dream, trance or otherwise by the assistance of same and by so doing adjust or screen certain things that are not good in his destiny.

Paul on a different note had such experience and attested to it thus, “I know a man in Christ above 14 years ago, (whether in the body, I cannot tell; or whether out of the body, I cannot tell, God knoweth) such a one caught up to the third heaven. And I knew such a man, (whether in the body, or out of the body, I cannot tell, God knoweth). How that he was caught up into paradise, and heard some unspeakable words, which it is not lawful for a man to utter” 2 Corinth. 12: 2-4.

The above biblical revelation has a deeper meaning than the usual conventional theological interpretation we hear on a daily basis on our various altars. Here, Paul talked about the possibility of being taken to the realm of God where he heard “unspeakable things.”  He heard few hidden spiritual things that, if uttered here on earth would lead to immediate destruction of the person. One philosopher said that he who understands hidden truth is a lonely man. This axiomatic assertion is the beginning of proper understanding of my thesis.

Hidden truth is part of the unspeakable things that would assist to reposition the church. Paul heard unspeakable things, meaning they were very unconventional and must contradict our creed and credo. No wonder Nostradamus once inferred that if the pyramid of Giza should be opened, much knowledge would be found to be in error. We need the true divine knowledge to be able to understand God and be happy with one another. For further reading on this, see my book on “Forbidden Truth from Religious Archives.” This book is for mature minds!

“I know a man in Christ …whether in the body, I cannot tell, whether out of the body, I cannot tell …” The expression “I cannot tell” is a way of saving himself from church leaders, those that arrogate absolute spiritual knowledge to themselves, they have always existed in every era. Paul was aware of the fact that if he had divulged any of such hidden knowledge, the great church leaders would have stoned him to death. He applied wisdom as a means of escape. However, the hidden knowledge inherent in the propagation of truth must be exposed.

The fact that we have forgotten our place in spiritual creation should not mean that we should not be reminded. Yes, for the fact that we have lost proper spiritual direction means that we must be called to order. In calling humanity to order, one must realise that he must be called names, criticised and blasphemed. All of these I have faced for saying the truth.

I am not deterred at all. I am committed to the mission, after all, Christ was killed for violating religious rules.

The fact that one can get in touch with his destiny and make some changes where necessary should not be confused with the occult method of astral projection. They are not the same at all. In fact, the spiritual centre where destinies meet and part is not within the astral zone at all. Both are not located at the same cosmic zones; though they may have links in terms of dimension and connectivity, the difference is vast.


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