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Hidden spiritual knowledge (13)

“I am most grateful to God for answering my prayer through the use of your oil. My son got married seven years ago without any fruit of the womb. We have been running from pillar to post in search of solution but all our efforts came to naught. All they told us was that my occult brother in law was responsible but none of the men of God could provide any solution to the problem after carrying out their instructions. As the problem continued, I then contacted Professor Nathan Protus Uzorma, who thereafter, asked me to order for his oil and pray with same. At the end of the prayer, my daughter in law became pregnant and our expectation is very high. Thanks to God who used you to fight for us…” Mrs. Adaeze 09094372942.

“My case was the case of losing confident on anyone called spiritualist, occult guru, and men of God. I was frustrated by them all. It became almost impossible to trust and believe in anything supernatural. This thought was nourished by several of my experiences. In the first place, I was tormented by my wife who is also an Evangelist in a known Church. At night my house was used as a meeting point of all forms of evil powers. She inherited it from her late mother; she was in charge of my home, no one obeyed my instructions not even my children. When I reported the matter to our Pastor, he did nothing and the condition continued. She told me that as far as she was concern, no business and favour could come my way until I join them in their witches meeting.  My children were not doing well in school; everything was upside down in my house. Following serious frustrations, my friends who are members of the same church started taking me from one native doctor to another. Nothing worked for me, near success syndrome became my daily experience as my wife sat and laughed at me to scorn. Nobody believed me because of her nature of praying and teaching in the church. In fact, I saw hell in her hands. As you know, the story is too long, but I have been following your column and one day I decided to contact you. Beginning from that day, I had peace of mind and I ordered six bottles of your oil and prayed as you instructed. I saw things with my eyes in my house. The place they usually met was anointed with two bottles; my wife became uncomfortable that night and told me she was going for a night vigil. She stayed four days and came back looking strange but I continued in my warfare prayer. The divine presence of God in my house made her confess and thereafter became unconscious. In a nutshell, my wife is delivered and I am enjoying her as a real wife…My business is restored and favour has continued to come my way since then. I am very grateful to God for his miracles…” Anonymous.

Deep studies of the spiritual mind shows that the Bible is a revealed book coded in symbolism but centered on the secrets of the human mind. Some of the people, who survive materially by interpreting the bible in their various mundane congregations, may be making serious mistakes hence they have millions of followers. No wonder Anthony de Mello once inferred, “If a million people follow you, as yourself where you have gone wrong.”

Today, everything is wrong with the multitude of followership we have in our various Churches. Moreover, Christian followers no longer ask questions at all; they simply believe everything oozing out of the temple of man’s mentality without having any divine spiritual template for assessment. I feel very bilious about this situation.  I shall for the prime purpose of exhuming higher symbolic spiritual realities embark on a new topic, “The Psychology of Spiritual Symbolism,” which is aimed at consolidating my averment hitherto.

However, it burgs my mind to discover that truth is upturned, ignorance has replaced knowledge, intellect has taken the place of spirit, and the mouth now speaks what divine spirit is ‘ignorant’ of. Speaking in tongues has replaced the fruits of the Holy Spirit; money has become the new master that without it, you cannot be recognized as a true church member. The church has almost become a social club; I just wonder where we are heading to from here. False prophets everywhere, their interest is to enrich their pockets and tell you all the lies in their mouths provided it favours them financially.

They do not value knowledge at all. The nature of prophesy today in our various Churches justifies our primitive mental stage. A situation that a man who goes to church for spiritual growth would come back home exasperated in view of so many prophecies that makes him live in perpetual fear, is a bugaboo. A young lady told me that she almost fought with a particular Pastor in River State over unruly cum boisterous extortion of one illustrious believer in Christ. Before she introduced the man to me, some men of God have dealt with him.

The man happens to be an opulent personality, but was rendered ‘koboless’ by men of God that would have been of great assistance to him. Strange things were happening in and around him that he lacked words to explain them. Each pastor that came to pray for him went home with one of his cars, one after another until ten cars vanished from his car park. The remaining one he was managing with became the target of one man of God who came for the same purpose. Unfortunately to this man of God, the sister was there and when he prophesied to the man to release the car, the man was willing to do so provided God has spoken. But the young lady according to her understood the game and consequently resisted the pastor and forced him out of the man’s house.

The man of God cursed her for not allowing him pick up the car. It was later revealed that the car was his main intention for the prayer. The man’s problem was attended to by the use of three bottles of my oil. The point I’m making here is that some so called men of God are responsible for the ills happening to Christianity particularly the Pentecostal Church. In fact, everybody wants to be Bishop, Arch-Bishop and Apostle. Few months Sunday school training and or three or six months in any school of ministry, the person becomes a pastor or Evangelist, Apostle and ordained Reverend. What a shame!

The above is a serious abuse of sacred knowledge. Conventional Theology shall soon die with this kind of half-baked cum crackpot spiritual leaders the church is producing. I recently visited a Church where the pastor cum General Overseer preached a message and regarded Jesus Christ as an angel of God and told his congregation that Christ never died on earth. He said all manner of thing that made me bilious. I asked the pastor where he was trained, and he responded that he had his Diploma in Theology somewhere I can’t remember to mention but he informed me that it was six months.

I weep for this generation. The above informs why God is over anthropomorphized even in our songs of praises to Him. We approach God as if he is indebted to us. We are indeed ignorant of Him. Humanity is blind of divinity 

Everyone wants God to settle him as if God is indebted to us. Spirituality in our present day songs is lost. Emotions have taken the place of divinity in our lives. No one abides by spiritual rules anymore. I am afraid of this age as we are being supervised by beings higher than us most of which are responsible for this spiritual depravity. The divine light must continue to accelerate the consciousness of the chosen ones to magnate the proper meaning of existence.


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