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Hidden spiritual knowledge (10)

“God be with you Professor Nathan, mine is a simple testimony. Strange things were happening to me from time to time. I noticed that enemies were after my life. If i keep anything in my room, it disappeared. Money was missing, cloths I never used, I saw on my bed as if they were used for more than six times. On one occasion, someone visited me as we were charting, we heard voices speaking from the furniture in my room as the water we were drinking vanished. My friend ran away and finally told me to contact you…You asked me to order four bottles of your oil which I did. I was at the point of anointing my room in line with your instructions when a mighty black bird that looked like vulture from nowhere died and was seen on my table. You asked me to burn and bury it and I did, that was the end of my woes. After the prayer, those owing me started paying me and my life came back to what it used to be before. So many things happened my Prof., but God has given me victory. My business has finally been restored, my wife has also reunited with me…God bless you sir…” Mr. Okoroji 08178767078.

“I feel like singing and jumping up, God did what I never expected in my life. It was indeed a miracle and I feel I should share it with your numerous readers. I started reading your column for a long time and I do not miss it at all every Wednesday of the week.  As the only son, my father was in love with me and spoilt me by over pampering me. But my mother was against all such and wanted me to see life the true way. I started living a rough and coarse life and it finally backfired. My second hobby was to drink alcohol; I could spend all my day in a beer parlor without regretting it. No job could last in my life. If someone gave me 150 thousand naira, the next thought was to go and finish the money on drinks. This continued until I became useless and worthless in the eyes of many people. One day, I read your article and consequently contacted you for a help, you promised to look into my case and asked me to call you after 8 hours. When I finally called, you asked me to order your oil and pray with it. I did as you instructed me; I managed to do the prayer and noticed some scales on my body after the prayer. Though I was still tempted to drink while in the prayer, I just took few bottles and continued…In fact, after the whole exercise a mighty spirit went out of me and i became very healed and normal. Today, alcoholic drinks now no longer appeal me. I have secured a good job and I’m happy with my life. My friends have all come back and I am leading them to Christ. Thanks a lot for the good work. God bless you”.  Anonymous.

The fact that we have forgotten our place in spiritual creation should not mean that we should not be reminded. Yes, for the fact that we have lost proper spiritual direction means that we must be called to order. In calling humanity to order, one must realize that he must be called names, criticized and blasphemed. All of these I have faced for saying the truth. I’m not deterred at all. I’m committed to the mission after all Christ was killed for violating religious rules.

The fact that one can get in touch with his destiny and make some changes where necessary should not be confused with the occult method of astral projection. They are not the same at all. In fact, the spiritual center where destinies meet and part is not within the astral zone at all. Both are not located at the same cosmic zones; though they may have link in terms of dimension and connectivity but the difference is vast.

Now, in the vast ocean of forever, where our prayers go to before the ever presence of the omnipresent God, there is a veil of forgetfulness downwards in the journey to material life. This veil is what limits us and causes us to scramble for choice and relevance as corporeal beings. If one does not forget, how does he remember? O yes, if you know all you are to experience in this world, you would spend all your time in fear. No one knows tomorrow; but tomorrow could be visited by those given the ability by God. The past could as well be visited by those given the ability by God to do so. If the past is visited with good motive, the future could be amended. This is very possible but some people do it in ignorance.

Those who break old cum ancestral covenant entered into by their great grand parents in prayer, only visit the past to affect the future. The past is always been visited without molestation from the forces behind it provided one is doing so by the spirit of God. The Christian prayer does much and can change a lot of thing for the good of the individual who desires to visit the past. The point here is simple, we should learn from the great teacher Christ whose death resurrected almost all the past spiritual heroes or saints in Jerusalem as attested to in the Bible.

The Holy Bible reports, “Jesus when he had cried again with a loud voice, yielded up the ghost. And, behold, the veil of the temple was rent in twain from the top to the bottom; and the earth did quake and the rocks rent; and the graves were opened; and many bodies of the saints which slept arose, and came out of the graves after his resurrection, and went into the holy city and appeared unto many” Matt. 27: 50-53. This is the core manifestation and evidence of divine supreme power that visited the past. The death of the sinless Christ opened the graves of the past saints and forced them to manifest in the physical.

The process by which this happened, may bamboozle my readers but suffice it to say that the energy hitherto generated by the Christ at that point travelled into the realm beyond and consequently energized the dead ones into consciousness. At the point where in-corporal beings on a corporal voyage drink the water of forgetfulness and that of remembrance was the point that life energy was solely generated same was emitted simultaneously and concomitantly to the dead, and there was conspicuous resurrection. Jesus is Lord.

Symbolically, resurrection is taking place from time to time in our bodies but we may be ignorant of it. This is not the concern of this article for now but suffice it to say that we are advancing in line with knowledge so that we could be guided properly.

The human body is the oldest, the most profound and most universal of all symbols in creation. The Greeks, Persians, Egyptians and Hindus considered a philosophical analysis of man’s triune nature to be an indispensable part of ethical and religious training. The mysteries of every nation taught that the laws, elements and power of the universe were epitomized in the human constitution; that everything which existed outside of man had its analogue within man. Man therefore becomes the core identity of the profound symbolism of the unmoved mover-God.

The above informs why God communicates to humanity in symbols. This means of communication has indeed obfuscated the consciousness of man and has since generated serious controversies that haunt humanity in form of creed and credo. However, it is not sin to question tradition, it is rather a sin occasion by ignorance not to question anything one does not understand. One may overlook a healing truth by following a particular tradition buried in symbolism literally at instance of religious teachings. I am convinced that we must not allow error which in my term is misunderstanding of reality or believe without understanding to indeed confuse us on a matter of spiritual reality. Again, we should avoid our own preferential procedure for determining spiritual truth.

Literalizing biblical assertions is an invitation cum foundation for continues ignorance. I am of the cosmic conviction that knowledge must increase and The Reformer must play his part in this context. In my quest for proper understanding of life, I embarked on a second PhD programme at IMSU in 2011. My dissertation or thesis was on “Symbolism in Igbo Traditional Religion…” On the day of my defense, the external examiner (Prof. W.W Weneka) of University of Port Harcourt was thrilled with my research work which was as well supervised by Prof G. C. Egbucha and Rev.Fr. Prof. J.I Obilor.

The External examiner realizing my Local Government of origin consequently wished that I had done this research on the Njaba Sacred Python Symbolism. On that note, I decided to do another research which was published last year on “The Sacred Python as Collective Conscience of Igbo Morality-Studies in Anthropology of Igbo Traditional Religion.”  The point here is that I have done extensive research on symbolism; that informs why I have always emphasized on not taking the sayings of great religious sages literally. 


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