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Herdsmen killings: 99 persons killed, 863 houses in 5 months -Plateau Group

Gyang Bere, Jos

National Publicity Secretary of Miango Youth Development Association in Plateau State, Comrade Zango Lawrence Nebanat, has expressed grief that 99 persons were killed and 863 houses burnt down in five months by Fulani herdsmen in Irigwe Chiefdom of Miango Local Government Area of Plateau State.

He noted that 44 persons were inflicted gunshots injuries and over 24 persons displaced in 26 villages who consist of women, children and the aged.

Comrade Nabanat, in a press statement issued, in Jos, on Thursday, pleaded with the Presidency to direct the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) to rescue the displaced persons by supplying relief materials and rebuild the burnt houses now that the raining season is approaching.

His words, “In the last five month, from September, 7th  2017  to February 10th 2018 some villages in Bassa LGA of Plateau State came under heavy and gruesome attacks by maurading Fulani herdsmen in a genocidal manner.

“No fewer than 26 villages were attacked, 99 people killed, 44 people injured, 863 houses razed down with food bans, 347 farm land produce destroyed worth millions of naira, 15 motor bikes and a bus burnt, 24 irrigation water pumps burnt and destroyed, more than 23, 000 IDPs recorded including Men, Women, Children and the aged and estimated number of properties lost amount to billions of Naira.

“These attacks began in Ncha village on 7th September, 2017 with the gruesome killings of more than twenty people, mostly made up of women and children in their sleep. Houses were also razed down completely. Since that fateful day, peace has eluded the Irigwe nation.

“Ever since the Ncha incident, the assailants have continued to launch nightly unexpected attacks in other communities in line with their threat that Ncha was just the beginning. we have continually woken up to news of attacks each day leaving tears, sorrow, despair and apprehension.”

Nabanat appealed to the Federal Government to include Plateau State among states in the North Central to be visited by the military operation for safety of lives and properties.

“Plateau State should be included among states that Federal Government has mobilised military operation for the safety of lives and properties which have suffered wanton destruction of lives and properties since or before 2001 by enemies of the state and nation.

“We are calling for the enforcement of an agreement broken by ‘Operation Save Heaven’ security outfit Jos, on January, 29th 2018, which states “anytime there is killing in the area, leaders of the attackers should be held responsible”.

He called for the arrest of the Miyyeti Allah leaders of Plateau State in regards to Zanwra village attack of 10 February, 2018 where three persons were killed and two others injured.

“We are pleading with the federal government to please come to our aid with relief materials and rebuilding of houses burnt and destroyed by the Fulani herdsmen and give compensation to farmers as promised in other affected states in the country.”


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  1. Ezekiel Okeke 22nd February 2018 at 6:03 pm

    Do not move an inch backward on your God given native land- what the enemy are doing is hit and run as cowards, if fulani criminal terrorists claim an inch of this territory of the natives belongs to them and it is their sultanate territory of political control, let them fight on it and defend it. It is the Sword- get Armed to the teeth- security and defense is only with the Sword, peace is only with the Sword, justice is only with the Sword. If you have the Sword, the enemy will not come to you, if you annihilate and erase the enemy on your God given native land, you will have peace on your God given native land under the natives Disintegrated Republics, if you avenge the enemy’s killings, it is justice. Do not listen to any governor, king etc. who do not stand for the natives of this territory of the natives in the ongoing Revolution War of the natives under the natives Disintegrated Republics which secures the natives existence and future in 21st century world- you’re the ones the enemy has attacked and killed, not such governor, king etc., you’re the ones the enemy will attack and kill, not such governor, king etc. The so-called military, police etc. are terrorism mercenaries of fulani criminal terrorists attacking and killing natives of this territory of the natives for fulani fraudulent criminal sultanate political government with its emirates with which they subjected northern natives under fulani Political Control and got Democratic Capacity for their Political Control over this territory of the natives under the dead fraudulent political name Nigeria- it is over, Slaughter them on your God given native land, Burn Down their barracks, vehicles etc., take everything in their possession- arms etc. It is the Sword- if you do not kill the enemy, the enemy will kill you- that is the rule of engagement. God Is With Us!!!

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