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“Hello Counsel, sexy personified, what’s going on in that pretty head?”

you guys have itchy ears, you want to know what happened, right? Alright I won’t keep you in suspense. Of course I went back into the pool almost drowning in the process. Jasmine had to jump in to save me. In my hurry I didn’t take in air and so when I fell, yes fell back into the pool I took in water. At least the culprit was contrite enough to turn his back and give us a little privacy while Kaycee brought me a towel.

I went straight to my room miffed at Rick for his gimmick. He waited patiently for me and when I didn’t come out Jasmine was sent to fetch me. He had a gift he wanted to present to me in front of the girls according to Jasmine. I came out of the room and as soon as he reached into his pocket, I panicked and faked a fainting spell. “Tobs!” I heard Jasmine scream as I went down, hitting my head hard on the floor.

I knew I will probably have a concussion and possibly a bad headache but I was ok with it. Was Rick going to propose? Why did I panic? What was in his pocket? I guess I over reacted but phew! That was a close one! “Excuse me Ladies, can you please give me a few minutes with Tobs?” I heard Rick ask. When the girls had all left ‘my room’ where I was moved to after the incident. Rick pulled up a chair close to the bed, holding my hand he looked into my eyes and suddenly burst into laughter.

I looked at him resentfully, what was funny I wondered. “Tobs, you were afraid of this, am I right?” Rick asked holding up the little box I had seen earlier. “Here open it,” he instructed extending the box to me. “Take it, it won’t bite, open it,” he insisted. I opened the box reluctantly and saw an exquisite white gold cross pendant necklace judging by the look, it was expensive but I would have to verify the cost from a jeweller because it was placed in a plain box obviously to conceal the name and its worth. “You thought I was going to propose? Is that why you feigned the fainting spell mi amor?” Rick asked gently.

I was dumbfounded. How did he know what I was thinking? I wondered confused. “Querida, don’t look so surprised, you should know I know by now you have a mortal fear of commitment and I have decided to be patient with you,” Rick said in amusement. When Rick left that night I couldn’t sleep, I kept tossing around in bed till early hours of the morning. A lot had happened on this short trip and I was finding it difficult to wrap my head around it.

The girls as usual talked about all that happened, they were completely bowled over by Rick’s generosity and excited about the jewellery gift. My week was super busy; I had Domestic Violence Anonymous (DVA) Meeting, the support Group run by Warien Rose Foundation, the non-profit Organisation I run.

It was emotional, we had a woman who has not just been brutally abused physically by her husband but he is also into men, yes he is homosexual and practices his nefarious activity in full glare of his wife and children. She desperately needed some where to stay but unfortunately we don’t have a Shelter. It is one of my greatest concerns. We need a Shelter for the Women and even though the Ladies had suggested I talk to Rick and Dennis, I wasn’t going to do that.

I refuse to be indebted to any of them. I am going to raise the funds from well-wishers and people who believe in this project. “Hello Counsel, sexy personified, what’s going on in that pretty head?” Jasmine asked as she sauntered into my office. “It’s been forever since we hung out alone together and I want us to do so tonight. You done for the day?” Jasmine asked looking wearily at the documents on my table. “I have news for you,” she said quietly. I hope all is well in paradise.


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