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Healthy back, healthy conjugal life

In response to barrage of questions to me, either through mails and SMS, great part of it dwelt on conjugal-related back pain.
A person’s conjugal life can be affected if he has prolonged pain in certain area on the back. This may happen in some ways, namely: when certain nerve root is impinged in an area in the back, it could have serious effect on the erectile organs (e.g. the penis or clitoris). With this condition, a lot of things might happen to the victim. If the condition has been long with the victim, he could lose excitement towards the encounter and would always want to avoid the exercise because he may have lost turgidity of the organ and might begin to have self-pity.
In the women, it is not so pronounced. Excitement during the encounter might be lost. Because they are introverts when it comes to this aspect of life, they would not want to be seen as being frigid. They would bear that inadequacy. A careful partner could notice the lack of excitement in the wife if she often complains of dull-annoying ache in the upper back.  Secondly, because of fear of re-injuring the back during conjugal encounter, the exercise could be put off.    People oftentimes contract back pain because of certain awkward poses they assume during the encounter, which have dangerous effect on the back (spine).
A well-known cause of pain, in the case of common back pain (especially, waist pain) resulting from physical exhaustion, is marathon sex, which, while in it, involves excessive lower spine movement.   For those not used to it, a ride on such a trip could as well lead to pain after the wearing out of the euphoric pleasure of the encounter.  Sex is like any other physical exercise. A wrong approach to it could lead to agonising pain in the back and it is believed to be one of the major sources of contracting waist pain.  But the snag is that not many people admit that they contracted lower back pain after sex.
On the other hand, if you or your partner has existing pain in the back, it will surely impact on your relationship.  This is a problem people infrequently discuss.  The reason for this closed mouth attitude is multiple. People, who are suffering with it, feel that they may be the only ones having this problem and, therefore, are embarrassed to talk about it, even with the physician or therapist.  Some doctors don’t feel comfortable with the subject, or may not even recognise it as a problem. Yet the victims of such challenge are going through emotional and most importantly the physical trauma.
Frankly speaking, in decades of my practice as a physiotherapist, questions repeatedly asked by victims of disturbing back pain with sexuality problems, revealed the helplessness with which they regard their problems.  The questions also revealed the extent of their need for enlightenment, an understanding of the context of the problem and a need also to participate in regaining their sex life. Failure of this, might affect relationships in families.
Be careful how you use your back during sexual encounter.  The back is a big and compact organ, having nerves, blood vessels, ligaments, and muscles protecting the delicate spinal column that houses the spinal cord.  Any misuse of the back can cause unimaginable consequences, not only to the immediate structures of the back, but also to the performance of other vital organs in the body. Vital organs, such as the erectile structures in the private part can be rendered terribly ineffective and will be in dare state of inactivity because of disabling back pain!
Mrs. Jumbo walked into our outfit at Omega Physiotherapy & Back Pain Care Clinic, with complaint of pain at the back. Her complaints were as follows: she is frigid and this has always been the bone of contention with her husband. She has been a victim of back pain for some years and had tried all medicines and to no avail.  She experiences great discomfort in standing or sitting for a period of time.  What worries her is the former challenge. The source of the pain was identified and treated. She has since regained her reflexes.
More than 70 per cent of women that are frigid are suffering it because of compressed nerve in certain area of the back and they go about it silently and would always feign some excitement during conjugal relationship.
Chronic back pain is a passion quencher. Be rational in your choice of health facility to attend and restore the groove.


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