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“He cares too much about the opinion of others!”

Jasmine and I decided to hangout in one of our favourite Restaurant. I like the ambiance of the place; it always has a soothing effect on me. We took a sit by the window, it was ‘our spot’ and the Restaurant had a few people. I ordered one of my favourite exotic meals from El Savador; baby shrimps with veggies and rice in playa while Jasmine had a Panama favourite; a plate of beef and veggies with rice of course. Yes you got that right it’s a ‘Theme Restaurant’ but this time themed along food lines, shockingly they are able to cater for their finicky, class conscious and extremely genteel clientele.

Me? I just come for their food! I don’t have time for snobs, which is basically what most of them are I thought as I looked around the classy Restaurant. “Well Jaz, here we are. So what’s going on?” I asked after we had ordered for their sparkling watermelon chiller. “I am having issues with Christopher and honestly speaking I’m getting tired of his mixed signals.
We have been together for a while now, actually the longest I have been with any guy in recent times, one minute he wants us to go forward the next he needs more time. I am fed up!” Jasmine said in despair. I was shocked, I suspect Jasmine loves Christopher more than she is letting on and this is the confirmation. You see for those of you who are not conversant with the issue; Christopher is Jasmine’s boyfriend and younger than her. Initially I must admit, it was strange that Jasmine will fall for someone younger but time showed that she really cared for him and even appeared to have given up on her insatiable appetite for men. Apparently the problem was that Christopher had people around him who had opinions about his relationship and he was ‘the listening type’. Family, Friends, Colleagues and of course ‘frenemies’; friends who are better off as enemies.

Enemies who pretend to be friends, they don’t mean well for you, do you know of any such ‘friend’ around your friend? Yes around your friend because you don’t know your ‘frenemies’, it is others that know that your so called bosom friend is not a friend at all. Christopher had been told by ‘well-wishers’ that Jasmine was not good for him because of their age difference, that they didn’t belong to the same tribe, that Jasmine will dominate him in future, that she will never respect him, the reasons were endless and Christopher unfortunately cared too much about the opinions of all these people and now it was affecting his relationship with Jasmine. I often wonder why people pay so much attention to the opinion of others. Christopher is the one in the relationship, he knows Jasmine better than any of these people. I could see Jasmine’s frustration and pain. Christopher had made me a promise, never to hurt my friend. She was more fragile than she looked and acted.

I had to go the extra mile to bring a smile to her face. There is so much going on in the next couple of weeks; Warien Rose Foundation’s Domestic Violence Anonymous, it’s already close to that time of the month, last Monday of the month. Street G with Jheri Blake at Rockview Hotel Festac Town, holding on the last Friday of the month and finally ‘Let’s Get Acquainted’, the Hangout I am having for ‘Singles and Married’ from my Radio show ‘Love Bug at Unilag 103.1fm which holds every Saturday by 8.00pm. I am so swamped, sometimes I wonder if it’s just me or this is how people live their lives.
“Hi Tobs, can you link me up with your friend, Clara Rufai?” Kaycee asked the next morning when she called just before I left for work. “Clara!” I exclaimed unable to mask my surprise at the request. Clara and I have been friends since High School. She is an Author, Entrepreneur, Lawyer, Coach, Change Agent etcetera. Clara calls herself a Shine strategist and has helped a lot of people overcome their fears especially when it comes to challenging themselves to do extraordinary things. I wonder what’s up with Kaycee?


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