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Halleluyah chorus for Mike

To all Good Samaritans who sent letters, called, visited and shouted Halleluyah sequel to reading my piece last week about God’s Hands of miracle

Mike Awoyinfa

To all you Good Samaritans who sent letters, called, visited and shouted Halleluyah sequel to reading my piece last week about God’s Hands of miracle that saved me from death, I say thank you. From your letters, text messages, Facebook, Twitter and your prayers worldwide, I say Amen. Some of your letters:

Pastor Mike, I just read about your providential escape. To God be the glory. We thank Him for He shelters His own. Remain strong and trusting in God. Have a happy weekend

–Peter Odili.

This is shocking news! We praise God the Almighty for stepping in. He is always ON TIME! Glory be to His Holy name. Hallelujah. I wish you a happy birthday and pray for many, many more years free of accident and

–Mrs. Kemi Akitoye, Abuja.

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Congratulations my brother. As long as your love for God is unshaken, He will always deliver you from the enemies, because the one in you is greater than all the enemies forces put together. You will live to celebrate your 70th birthday in Jesus name. We will continue to enjoy your write ups.

–Mark Oduh.

My family and I join you to thank our merciful God for that miraculous escape from death and for putting the devil and its agents to eternal shame and damnation. Just learnt of the accident after reading your column today. Once again, glory be to God for saving you.

–Prof. Isaac N. Obasi, University of Abuja

Thank God for saving your life. I am particularly impressed by your heart of forgiveness. I hope that all Nigerians learn a lesson or two from your experience.

–Solomon, Jos, 08065755392

Just learnt of the accident. May the Almighty God continue to protect and guide you in whatever you do and wherever you are.

–A.A. Rabiu, ASCON, Topo, Badagry

I rejoice with you, Mike but I think you should get that dangerous driver to undergo some counseling, perhaps with FRSC officials

–Lanre Idowu

Sir, although you forgave, them, it’s better for the kids to be charged for reckless driving under the influence of drug and attempted murder, otherwise they would do worse things going forward.

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–Uche Nnadozie

You are a good man for forgiving those young people who would have taken your life.

–Friday Opefi, Ebonyi State, 08065530906

As I was reading the article, my eyes were constantly gazing the two vehicles to really appreciate the magnitude of the accident. You will surely age beyond three scores and ten in Jesus name. Amen.

–ACP Henry Njoku, Enugu

My wife and I honestly thank Almighty God for using “airbag” life-saving technology to save you from the accident caused by the Tramadol and Coke chaps.

–Mr. and Mrs. C.C. Amanze, Port Harcourt. 08067014988

God is good. All of the time. Glory, glory, glory.

–Olusoji Akinrinade

Thanks to God for the great deliverance. May His name be praised. Hallelujah!

–Osondu Anyalechi, Lagos.

You have really set your feet in the sands of time, both in social communication and proper human living.

May the Almighty God continue to protect and strengthen you today and always.

–Clem, Abuja, 08090251409

I found myself thanking our Almighty God for sparing your life not only to continue to teach us how to write, but also to demonstrate to us how to cultivate the 70 x 7 spirit which the Lord asked us to manifest whenever we are wronged. You will live not just to celebrate 70 but to surpass it by several years.

–Chika Abanobi, Lagos

The manner we live in this country without obeying laws (both traffic and other laws) leaves much to be desired. You will not leave this world like this. We your readers are praying for God to ward off all accidental misadventures from your way.

–T.A. Anaja, Kaduna

Just read your piece and I say: nothing like death for you. You still have five decades ahead of you. I am planning for the publication of a good newspaper that you will mentor as Nigeria’s newspaper guru and legend.

–Kaa nka Okoro, 08115706378

God will provide a better car for you as you have a kind heart.

–Mazi Ben Madu (JP) 08039719312

Oluwa seun. Thank you Lord. Hallelujah.

–Dare Babarinsa

He is Our Awesome God. Hallelujah.

–Jennifer Maduka, London

I once used you and your Press Clips evangelism column to convert a non believer. May the Lord add to your favour as I have used you to win a soul.

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–Chief Ezeoba.

Thank God for your life, sir. May He continue to guide and protect you.

–Abdulfatah Oladeinde

We thank God for your life my Editor for Life. You will live to your ripe old age and you’ll enjoy the fruits of your labour. Glory be to God.

–Blessyn Okpowo

Congrats sir. No devil will be able to deflate all spiritual airbags in your life sir.

-Ben Memuletiwon

Thank God for His Mercies endure forever. Congratulations.

–Gbenga Adefaye

So sorry sir. Glory be to God for His protection.

–Lanre Issa-Onilu

The Lord Almighty will continue to shield you in Jesus name and I will continue reading you on Saturdays.

–Rev Okey, Tripod Pharmacy, Lagos

What a testimony! We give God praise. May we benefit from His everlasting arms of protection.

–Kelechi Victor Orji

May God continue to watch over you boss…God shall bless you more for this act of significant forgiveness. Shine on, Big Boss.

–Morakinyo Abodunrin

To God alone be all the glory. Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

–Greatness Adisa

The Almighty God is faithful and His mercies endure for forever. He’s got your back.

–Comfort Obot Nwankwo

We give glory to God Almighty for sparing the life of our wordsmith.

–Yomi Idowu

To God be the glory for performing His miracle through the airbag. You shall live, you shall not die. That was the statement of God at that instance. By His grace you shall live long to witness so many of your birthday.

–Michael Ojo, New York

We can never thank God enough for the miracle of life. Once again, happy birthday to my dear Big Brother.

–Tope Kayode-Ojo, Abuja

Praise to the merciful God for sparing the nation from another sorrow after years of losing our great friend Dimgba Igwe. This is a reminder that death is a journey every living soul must embark upon without notice. Therefore we must fear God and keep His commandment.

–Pastor Sunday Okonkwor


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