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God’s plan to make Nigeria a great country and 2019 poll

The Lord’s project to uplift our beloved fatherland or motherland (one’s native country) has been on for twenty – five years, but there was no need for me to have written about it in this column before now. As a matter of fact, the Heavenly Father in 2001 instructed me to write a book about it. I published it in September 2004 with the apt title: “NIGERIA SET ASIDE BY GOD FOR GREATNESS and untold story of June 12 annulment.”

I am writing about the enhancement story today, because after sixteen years the Ancient of Days has returned to the implementation of the divine scheme because last month, on Thursday, September 14 He sent me to the person He had chosen to give the opportunity to be the nation’s President in 2019 to kick – start His greatness project for Nigeria. The last time He sent me to anyone on the project was in July 2001.

For unavoidable reasons what I cannot disclose here, it is next week that the man, whose name I also will not reveal, will receive the Lord’s message and a copy of my 2004 book which He mandated me to send to him. The Lord told me to do this, so that the favoured one will know that He truly has a plan to make our country great in the comity of nations and that He sent me to him.

And for him to be in a position to learn a lesson from the mistakes of the three He gave the rare opportunity before him. The Ancient of Days instructing me to give the lucky man a copy of my book and what I should tell him in an accompanying note made it clear to me He actually wants the politician to begin the process of His divine project for our very dear fatherland.

Chief Samuel Oluyemi Falae was the first to be given the opportunity during the 1992 presidential primaries, while General Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida, the third of them for the 2003 poll. They both ignored His messages to them. Which was to use the 41 clerics He would raise to fast and pray for 41 days for them to win the presidential poll.

A cousin of mine, who is an architect, and with whom the .Lord also speaks one-to-one, was the one sent in 1992 to Chief Falae, whose paternal grandmother, former Miss Osanyintuke (osanyin is worthy of being revered) Adedipe was my father’s elder sister. I went from Lagos to Minna in 2001 with the Lord’s message to General Babagida for the 2003 poll.

I was also the one who conveyed His message to Chief Moshood Kasimawo Olawale Abiola for the June 12, 1993 election. He accepted the Lord’s message and used the 41 clerics raised for him. He ran into problem after hearing the results of the poll on Sunday, June 13 and thinking that he had irreversibly become Nigeria’s President and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Services, he chose to disobey Almighty God who can make and unmake and if need be, could also re-make.

Instead of the June 14 midnight deadline given to him, he sent his thanksgiving offering the following day to the 41 clerics who made his victory possible. As a result, the election he won was annulled nine days later, on Wednesday, June 23 by General Babangida, the military Head of State. He was arrested in June 1994 by General Sani Abacha who was at the helm of the country’s affairs, when he declared himself the President of Nigeria and through a private arrangement was sworn-in illegally in Lagos. He died in detention on Tuesday, July 7, 1998 four years into his incarceration. Two years after his wife, Alhaja Kudirat Abiola, was assassinated on Tuesday, June 4, 1996 in Lagos by people believed to be state agents.

For ignoring God’s message in 1992, Chief Falae lost the 1999 presidential election when he came out to try his luck again. While on October 9, 2014 his second child and number two son, Barrister Ayodeji Falae, 42, died in a plane crash in Lagos. He was the Commissioner for Culture and Tourism in Ondo State in the cabinet of Governor Olusegun Mimiko.

While for the same reason, General Babangida too failed in the election held by northern leaders in the Peoples Democratic Party in 2010 to pick the person to represent their region in the primaries of the Peoples Democratic Party against President Goodluck Jonathan, the southern candidate seeking re-election in 2011. He also lost his wife, Maryam, to an undisclosed illness in Los Angeles, California, United States on December 27, 2009.

If the northern-born Muslim man Allah has sent a message to responds positively and in victory does not displease the Lord as Chief Abiola did, as a servant of the Most High, I make bold to say that he would be Nigeria’s president as from May 29, 2019.  Of course, as someone brought into office under God’s plan to make the country great, he would be the best and most result-oriented Head of State we have ever had. And would also be remembered for all-time (i.e. everlastingly) for the wonderful achievements he would record.


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