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God bless Pastor Lazarus Muoka (3)

My raising with the Lord in 2012 the issue of whether it is right or not for a king to wear a crown or cap in a church or during crusades, arose as a result of the reaction of a man married to a daughter of His Royal Majesty Folagbade Olateru – Olagbegi, the Olowo of Owo in Ondo State, over an article I wrote on two Christian monogamous monarchs in Yorubaland. In which I welcomed as good development that contrary to the tradition of a Yoruba king having two, three, four, five, six or dozens of spouses that Their Royal Majesties Adedotun Gbadebo, the Alake of Egba Kingdom and Adebiyi Adesida, the Deji of Akure Kingdom, now of blessed memory, had chosen to abide with the Lord’s directive in Deuteronomy 17:17 that “a king shall not multiply wives to himself” (King James version). Which is an unequivocal statement that a monarch should have only one wife.

The son-in-law of the Olowo of Owo got in touch to let me know that his father – in – law too was a monogamous monarch and one who so much respects and adores God to the extent that unlike his fellow kings he removes his crown before entering a church and does not put on a cap when praying anywhere.

How therefore delighted I was at the weekend to learn that traditional rulers and hereditary chiefs or kingmakers as a policy are not allowed to cover their heads when they worship at the services of the Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Ministries! And that all those present at the sect’s crusade in Badagry five days ago, Friday, March 10 removed their crowns and caps when Pastor Muoka made an announcement to the effect that such was not allowed in his denomination’s House of God. This shows that he is a pastor and Christian leader who totally respects and obeys the laws and teachings of the Heavenly Father and implements the contents in the Bible in Toto! Not the hypocritical popularity seeking and crowd attracting type who selects what to obey in the Holy Book.

Unlike the clergy who are exempted in Exodus 28: 39 – 43 and women in 1 Corinthians 11: 1 – 16, kings and other men are not permitted by the King of kings to cover their heads in the church, at crusades or during worship anywhere. This means that it is a sin for any traditional ruler or chief to wear a crown or cap when praying to God or for a pastor, prophet or prophetess to allow them into his or her church or crusade. In other words, the traditional ruler, chief and priest who behave this way are both guilty of disobeying the Lord’s instructions in the Bible and would be punished by Him for committing the offences.

During services people who have just given their lives to Christ as born – again Christians are told to start going to any Bible-believing church of their choice. In Genesis 35:4 Jacob destroyed the earrings of the Israelites and in Exodus 33: 4 – 6 God told them to take off their jewelry and they are said not to have worn them again. And as a I stated in this column two weeks ago, the Heavenly Father in Deuteronomy 22:5 ordered women not to wear men’s clothing and vice versa and in Leviticus 19:27 warned people not to tattoo themselves because He hates it. In 1 Corinthians 11:5 – 6 women are ordered not to shave their heads or cut their hair.

Given these facts, how can a pastor, prophet or prophetess who tolerates women wearing trousers and those who cut their hair to worship in his or her church or at crusades be regarded and accepted as Bible – believing, Bible – implementing and God obeying Christian? The same with the laity who flout God’s orders on unisex clothing and His other laws and teachings in the Bible.

No where did the Heavenly Father say that any of His laws and instructions in the Christian Holy Book had time limit or would not apply to all human beings until eternity. So, as some Christians do, how can anyone say that the Lord meant the laws for only the Israelites of Biblical times and not for the people of our modern era and those of the future? Did God not know civilization would come to the world when He gave the laws and orders in the Bible?

The problem with most Christians, including some clerics, is that they have not for once read the Holy Book from Genesis through Revelation. And as a result, they are not aware of all God’s laws and teachings in the Bible, except, maybe, the 10 Commandments. But they forget that in law ignorance is no excuse especially as it is in Joshua 1: 1 – 9 that the Lord said that people should read His Book of Law and enjoins everyone study it day and night and make sure they obey everything written on it.

Continues next week Wednesday

Ikeja Disco rectifies vexatious bill (2)

Contrary to my suspicion, the crazy bill I was given last month for January was not an act of vindictiveness caused by my column of January 18, 2017 with the title: Time Senate gives Discos pre-paid meter supply deadline. It came from an unintentional mistake made by the Ikeja Electric Plc meter reader and the two officers sent over my appeal to the Minister in charge of Power apologized to me and promised to reflect the extra charge made in my next bill.

As stated in the column of February 22, I had thought the exorbitant bill was a deliberate effort to punish me because the day after my appeal to the Minister came out their staff in charge of disconnecting debtors’ meter was in my house to check mine, when I was not owing the company any fee. He did so to see if there was illegal connection and this shows that he was angry with my article. For the reason that if everyone is supplied pre – paid meter he would not have the opportunity to make money again from bribes from debtors he would spare from electricity supply disconnection.

I had to make a public appeal to the Minister of Power because when I was given a provocative bill in April last year and I went to the company’s office headquarters for my area, they did nothing. So, they acted now because of the order from the Minister’s office to investigate my complaint and report back. Otherwise, they would not have visited and find out that my over – billing was caused by the mistake of their meter reader. And it is not unlikely that they would have continued to give me exorbitant bills under the excuse that electricity supply in Lagos has improved considerably.

The series on Professor Anele’s faux pas on Bible authors returns next week


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