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Experiencing supernatural recycling

Title: Outbreak of the
Author: Jane Onaolapo
Publisher: Sytaxmedia
Services, Lagos
Pagination: 160
Reviewer: Ladi Ayodeji

There are times individuals and even nations need divine intervention to survive trying times. This truth is brought home more vividly by renowned scholar, author, Bible teacher and General Overseer of the Lagos-based mega church, Abundant Life Gospel Church, Rev Dr. Mrs. Jane Onaolapo, in her latest book, Outbreak of the Supernatural.
In this book, Dr. Mrs. Onaolapo recounts real life miracles and well known Bible records of old saints who encountered the supernatural when confronted by the storms of life. Life can be harsh, unfair and, sometimes mysterious in the way men take a beating in a whirlwind of outrageous fortune. So often, when we come to the end of the road, God steps in to deliver us.
The author rightly states that every Christian should experience the supernatural. Indeed, that’s an indication that someone is a true child of God. If a Christian fails to connect with the Almighty God supernaturally, she writes, something is wrong. “They need to sit back and examine their lives so that they can know what’s hindering them from living a life of the supernatural,” she admonishes.
Walking in the realm of the supernatural enables you to manifest the miraculous; you produce results beyond human ability or comprehension. Christians who fail to connect with the supernatural or produce a miracle, according to the author, need to do a soul searching, to know what’s wrong. Obviously, there must be a disconnect somewhere, because miracle is a covenant right of all born again Christians.
She argues, citing the popular case of the prodigal son in the book of Luke 15:11-24, who squandered his heritage, but had to return to his merciful father, who graciously restored him, every Christian who goes astray has a chance to reclaim their destiny if they repent.
Hunger for God or things of His Spirit enables one to access the supernatural. This hunger or thirst righteousness can be expressed through learning the word preached to inspire your faith; praying always and fasting to strengthen your spirit. A strong, constant fellowship with the Holy Spirit is inseparable from the manifestation of the supernatural, according to the book.
It is quite easy for Dr. Onaolapo to write about supernatural breakthrough, because she has experienced it personally. She’s not ashamed to admit that at a time in the early days of their ministry, she wore just one under pant for a whole year. She recalls on pages 47-48 of this book: “Also, at that time, I had just three sets of good clothing. I wore one for midweek services, another for Sunday worship services while the third was for other outing.”
However, she and her husband, the late Bishop Kola Onaolapo, went ahead to build one of the frontline mega churches in the country, with branches across the geo political zones, and still growing rapidly. Today, she has taken the ministry to the level from where her indefatigable husband left it, when he went home to be with the Lord about four years ago.
And Rev. Dr. Mrs. Onaolapo has become a role model, an accomplished preacher, author of more than a dozen inspirational/Christian books, gifted prophetess, and proud mother of successful children. She tops this up with a Ph.d in Christian theology after a first degree in Geography and a Masters in climatology.
A host of Bible saints who experienced the supernatural are discussed in this book. From their stories Isaac, Moses, David, Jabez, Abraham, Hannah etc., we learn to depend on God to show his power when we come to a dead end. Obviously the author’s main objective is to stir the readers’ faith and encourage those who are hurt or stung by the arrows of adversity.
For a nation like Nigeria, Dr. Onaolapo has a message that is so apt for the times: “From Bible times when nations have been faced with depressing economies, epidemics and other global crises, God has always intervened. And now that recession is biting hard in several nations of the world and Malthusian, economic theory seems to be failing; God is once again prepared to manifest an outbreak of the supernatural in the affairs of men.
“If you are ready for the supernatural this book will open your eyes to what is required of you to live your life in that realm and even extend same to others”, she wrote.” After reading this book, I can’t but agree with the author.


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