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Emotionally Devastated

Dear doc, I love your column-and need this urgent advice. Due to my inability to mingle with the opposite sex- I have a history of 17 turn-offs-spurned because of man-got-no-pay-syndrome  and the so-called sanctimonious attitude of our so-called born again girls, which leaves much to be desired! Now, I masturbate for like seven times a day. I’m 30, never dated in nine months. Four years running I have been so depressed and emotionally devastated to trust any woman.
Will masturbation harm me? You are the doctor. Please publish this and send me a response because, I won’t be in town during this weekend. Let others read my example, especially those who suffer likewise.
– Georges Humbunu, Badagry

Dear Georges,
The truth is, at 30 you could be married and fulfilling the dreams of both yourself and someone who is very likely lonely at this time. But what do we have? Masturbation – from you and maybe herself too – out of frustration. Masturbation is bad? Well, for one it is compulsive, almost addictive; so that atimes married masturbators prefer it to real intercourse! That’s the problem and because nobody can masturbate without fantasising, unsuspected invasion by spirits of incubi and succubi is too common but hidden. But we can go beyond these real challenges – how to get a lady to listen to you; how to settle down in marriage; how to stop masturbating.
We can and want to take you to the place of fulfillment. All you need is proper counseling and mentoring and you’ll get there. Begin by befriending a few male friends who seem to know what to do around the ladies and watch them. This will help you focus on the area of your confidence. Be ready to follow guidelines and instructions. Call the help-lines. Imagine how much STD we can prevent by the proper counseling in matters like these!

What can you do for my infertility, doc?
Hi doc, l am 43 years married for three years now. My wife has not been able to conceive. We went for test. I was diagnosed of low sperm count. I now went to a fertility doctor, where I received HCG stimulation for three months with minimal effect on the semen. In fact, the sperm count, after the treatment, was 3000000/ml with only five per cent actively motive and 2.6ml volume.
He referred me to a urologist, who subjected me to sex hormonal test.
The outcome of the test is as follows:   ref value
LH=7.5in/ml     (0-25)in/ml
FSH=7.5in/ml   (5-20)in/ml
Prolactin=7.5ng/ml    (1-20)ng/ml
Testosterone=2.0ng/ml  (3.0-10)ngml.
Ultrasonic findings conducted on the liver, gall bladder, pancreas, spleen, kidneys, bladder, prostrate shows no mass, cyst, stone or abscess.
My right testis measures 33.3by 13.6mm in size with a volume of 7.9cc while left side is 31.4by14.2mm with the volume of 7.3cc.No varicoceles or hydroceles seen, no mass detected.”
After the above test, the urologist treated me with some drugs (Progonal). After the treatment, the sperm count dropped drastically. In fact, the test, which lasted two weeks, showed no growth aerobically, but the cell count of 100000cell/ml with 0% active cells and 100 per cent dead cells was recorded.
As a pastor and a doctor, please, what shall I do? I need your urgent assistance.
– Sad Stephen, Sokoto
Dear Sad Stephen, It would appear you have been effectively blocked from fertility from all angles – what with your 100 per cent dead cells and 1one million; three million sperm count when we should be talking at least 20 to 40 million!! But don’t lose hope!! This is where a combination of physical, mental and spiritual does wonders. I remember – as I have always said – the man who thought I was the one who impregnated his wife!! Why? He was azoospermic, yet his wife got pregnant so fast under our care he really had to be suspicious!! There are things you must understand, but just remember -with God, nothing is impossible.
Call the helplines. Let’s get to work and by God’s grace, this time next year, you will be carrying your baby.

How to overcome this pain?
Good day Sir, I want to use this medium to thank you for the work you have been doing to many Nigeria and worldwide. More grease to your elbow, sir. I want to share my own problem with you and I know if you can help me as well.
Sir, it all started in 2005, when I was schooling. I discovered that I was experiencing pain whenever I urinate. It was not all that serious because it will come and go. Not until 2008, I discover that the pain is still trigger me and by then I went to a private hospital here in Abuja and did a urine and HIV test and I was told that I had staphylococcus and my HIV status was negative. Then I did have internal heat, sometime blood in my urine, body weakness hotness in my body and so on. Because of the money I was told to pay before treatment commenced, which I couldn’t pay I stopped the treatment then.
Sir, I was living with the pain in my body till December 2010 and I went back to the same hospital and did another test, both HIV and the result still showed that I had staph and my HIV status still remained negative. The main reason I am writing to you is that, now I am having chest pain about one month plus. I did not hit my chest on anything. I am afraid I may have liver problem or what could be the problem that my chest is paining me? Please give me some health tip and as well advice me on what to do because am tired of living with this pain. Tell me what is wrong with me.
– Ama from Abuja.

Dear Ama, First, you or anyone else, for that matter, must never allow the weeds of evil, threatening and fatal thoughts in our minds—for, as a man thinks, so is he. Mind affects matter. It’s a fundamental rule of existence; because everything in the real, physical world was first a thought in the mind. You yourself – the car you ride; the house you live in and so on. So since seeds eventually turn to fruits, be careful about the seeds you plant in your mind. You WILL NOT COMMIT SUICIDE at all – courtesy of God’s goodness and this intervention; Amen. Second, I swear to you by all I learnt in medicine in 40 years (including seven years of studentship), if you do not treat this problem and treat it correctly, IT WILL NOT GO BY ITSELF; OKAY? Three, as an adult, the earlier you learn that in life there is no free lunch, the better.

Please forget those dreams of free treatment and begin an intelligent struggle to source the funds you need to get well; — that’s just the way it is. Four, we are, however, pocket-friendly in our approach to curing people; so relax. Five, the disease will not kill you – it’s because your imagination is in overdrive that you fear so; Six, understand that when fears, worries, anxieties and so on overwhelm the mind, there are bodily symptoms that follow suit. These bodily symptoms help the human being to go RESOLVE THE CONFLICTS. The symptoms constitute what we call psychoneuroses and they come and go. They are fear-driven; fear-engineered and fear-founded. Once you understand this the symptoms tend to go away.
Your chest problems, I believe, fall into this category. Just see us and we’ll help resolve everything. Finally, this does not mean that you do not have an actual disease of the body. You do and I suspect it is Chronic Prostatitis. You did say that he problem began in school. You never mentioned a woman but the truth is that I’d be very surprised if it has no basis in sexual escapades, which boys are notorious for. These diseases are only half-treated when, as a boy, you catch them and the germs go and hide in the man’s prostate, affecting him with chronic disease for many years.
We will cure you. You will need to come see us for a thorough, diligent and detailed check up to confirm or deny these impressions. Check www.mediamedix.blogspot.com for further information.


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