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Ekiti update: Fayemi carrying a stolen mandate , Ekiti  PDP alleges

Wole Balogun,  Ado Ekiti
The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Ekiti chapter, on Monday alleged that Kayode Fayemi of the candidate of the All Progressives Congress(APC), is parading a stolen mandate of Kolapo Olusola, PDP’s flag bearer, having allegedly committed what the party alleged is ‘poll fraud” on July 14.
The party boasted that they would deploy every constitutional means to retrieve what it called a ‘ stolen mandate’ from the former governor, Adding that the party would challenge the election in court.
Addressing journalists in Ado Ekiti on Monday on the outcome of the election, the party’s Chairman in Ekiti, Barr. Gboyega Oguntuase, accused the Independent National Electoral Commission(INEC) and security of conspiring to subvert the will of the electorate.
Oguntuase alleged the two federal government bodies of allocating  votes to Fayemi, just to disgrace Governor Ayodele Fayose, who has consistently been posing as the major opposition to President Muhammadu Buhari.
Oguntuase said over 20 members of the party, including the Chief of Staff to the Governor, Chief Dipo Anisulowo and four of his aides
among others were arrested by combined forces of military and paramilitary security outfits and clamped in detention on the day of
He described the governorship poll as an embarrassment to democrats across the globe, saying APC governors spending humongous amount that could have been used to develop their states to buy votes signposted that the party has no interest of the masses at heart.
He said: “What  did they need 30,000 police officers for in Ekiti when criminals were killing Nigerians in other states? Ekiti people knew
they were in our state for a task and not to protect their votes and that was why there was no jubilation or ceremony anywhere in the state after the election.
“This election was far from being free, fair and credible. In Ilejemeje, Ilawe, Ikole, Ise/Orun ,  Oye , Ado  and other major towns in Ekiti , many of our people were beaten by APC thugs being aided by the security men.
“As we speak, the results declared by INEC to give victory to Fayemi was more than the number of accredited voters. So, where did they get the additional votes they added?
“We are going to use every constitutional means to retrieve this stolen mandate, it is just a matter of time.
“APC mobilized over N11 billion to buy votes in Ekiti. They came here to perpetrate electoral perfidy and such will not stand”, he stated.
Oguntuase stated that the federal government deliberately delayed June allocation to Ekiti to create impression that Fayose was owing
salaries and to sway votes for APC.
On those arrested and detained members , Oguntuase told the police to release them to the party, saying : “We are not going to tolerate excuses that they had escaped from detention when they cannot be found anywhere from police.
“They must not just  be released immediately to us, they must also be hale and hearty”, he added

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  1. Tony 16th July 2018 at 6:25 pm

    Yes . He is a serial mandate thief. Aided by the new chairman of his party whose name ends with OLE . meaning THIEF in Yoruba.
    Oshiomh ole

  2. Emmanuel Chukwuma Umeh 17th July 2018 at 9:52 am

    NIGERIA’S current Democracy (Militarocray) under President Buhari, is subtly promoting all sorts of political injustices and mayopic-mindedness that will finally result to pure anarchy accross the country, if all-inclusive restructuring of the current Federal political structure on pure Democractic transparency and honesty is not done soonest!

    Ekiti State Governorship election this last Saturday, is a further confirmation and clear reflection of the Militarocratic Government, being manned by President Buhari, in clear disguise as Democracy!

    Look at the number of security agencies forces, the Military, the Police and other security agencies, Present Buhari deployed to Ekiti State just for one day election, as Federal might, in order to help his own political power party win the Governorship election in the State, all for their own self-centeredness and selfishness, while there is a clear neglect responsibility of securing the people’s lives and properties in Benue State, in Plateu State, in Talaba State, and many other States, where the Fulani’s herdsmen deadliest terrorists activities of mindless, senseless, and heartless killings are going on, as clear extension of the Boko-Haran terrorism activities in NIGERIA!

    The International Democratic Security Agencies Commission, the Democractic Legal Bodies, among others, need not to be silent anymore on the on-going politically masterminded and sponsored Fulani’s herdsmen deadliest terrorists killings and genocide activities across NIGERIA, especially under the protection of the President Buhari’s Government and the security agencies under his commands, as had said by former Chief of Defense of the NIGERIA Armed Forces, Chief T. Danjuma.

    The International Democratic Security Agencies Commission and all the International Democratic Legal Machineries, should not further wait until what had happened in Rwanda and other places, now massively happen in NIGERIA before they will give their International Security and Lega lintervention!

    Well-meaning Nigerians citizenry of all tribes and cultures, do urgently need their full Democractic, Legal and Security interventions, to urgently save NIGERIA and the NIGERIANS from this Devilish jihadist mission and subte hidden agenda, being carried out by the Fulani’s herdsmen deadliest terrorists, under President Buhari’s Government in today’s NIGERIA!

    We, the Well-meaning NIGERIANS citizenry of all tribes and cultures, do very urgently and unavoidably need the International Legal and Security intervention and clear help from the International Democratic Security Agencies and Legal Bodies, to save NIGERIA and the NIGERIANS, irrespective of tribes, religions and cultures, from these evil killings and political mess!

    Please and please, come for the urgent need of rescuing NIGERIA and the NIGERIANS from these evil killings that is being politically masterminded and sponsored in NIGERIA by those Godless, selfish and the self-centered political cabals!

    The Ekiti State last Saturday’s Governorship election’s recorded events, through the said “Federal Government might”, which hijacked and pervated the process of free and fair election, is a serious abuse on TRUE Democracy in NIGERIA!

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