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Don advocates mathematical modeling for treatment, prevention of HIV/AIDS

From: Rose Ejembi, Makurdi

A university don, Prof. Richard Kimbir, has advocated the use of mathematical modeling as a model for anti-retroviral therapy for the prevention and treatment of HIV/AIDS.

Kimbir stated this at an Inaugural Lecture held recently at the Federal University of Agriculture (FUAM), Makurdi, Benue State and titled: “Mathematical Epidemiology: A Veritable Tool For Disease Control, With Special Focus To HIV/AIDS.”

The professor of Mathematics, who said according to UNAIDS 2016, 2.1 million new HIV infections were reported worldwide in 2016 alone, expressed sadness that till date, there was neither any medical cure for HIV infection nor a vaccine to prevent it.

Also quoting from UNAIDS 2013, Kimbir said, “Since the start of the epidemic in 1980, about 75million people were reported to be infected with HIV in 2012 alone and about 1.6 people died from AIDS-related causes worldwide.”

He noted that Mathematical modeling was a new model for anti-retroviral therapy formulated in view of the current trend in the prevention and treatment go HIV/AIDS with anti-retroviral that are effective, well-tolerated and less-resistant to HIV.

The University don said the latest UNAIDS data covering 160 countries demonstrated both the enormous gains already made and what can be achieved in coming years through a fast-track approach.

“In just two years, the number of people living with HIV on antiretroviral therapy has increased by about a third, reaching 17 million people which is two million more than the 15 million by 2015 target set by the United Nations General Assembly in 2011.”

While statting that there were a number of national and international agencies involved in monitoring, evaluating and control of HIV/AIDS, Kimbir also said it was pertinent for these agencies to cooperate with researchers and higher institutions, especially universities in order to utilize research findings in this area.


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