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Does PDP know it is a game?

PERHAPS, it is meet to come clean and confess. The sensitivities that accompany certain professions preclude one from joining political parties. So, some prudent ones never succumbed to the high office of being a card-carrying member of any of the nation’s major or minor parties. And this has been literally since the ‘beginning of time’. Just like the Psalmist, we are humble enough to know the things that are beyond us. And PDP and APC are two of those high entities we simply avoid. However, one is, despite his best efforts, drowned in the flood of news as they make the rounds, both at the social media and the more traditional platforms. And lately there has been the high drama of persons, especially of PDP extraction, being charged for one alleged crime or another. It is so much one wonders if it is not all a Roman circus, but here without bread. This is especially since the government that entertains us with the circus of ‘litigating-all-litigatables’ are not able to serve us bread or petrol, unlike their Roman counterparts, the Caesars.

However, as something of a historian, one is aware of the many uses and abuses of official accusations and show trials. The examples of all power centres, whether in modern day China or North Korea or old Stalinist and Pu- tin’s Russia, are that the purpose to all ruling parties judicial or quasi-judicial circuses are to further seize and consolidate powers as Caesar or sheriff.

Anyway, sometime in late April, we held discussions with some senior operatives in one of the states in the north central. And we spoke of many things. And one had to wonder out aloud, whether the PDP is aware that the APC has no interest in recovering any penny, if at all a penny was lost or stolen? The purpose of the criminalisation and arraignment circuses by APC is a planned media TKO against the PDP, for the battle of 2019. That is PDP and its personnel are on show-trials now so that APC retains power in the future, in 2019. That

is, for APC, the game is not really governance. Their game is in having temporarily stumbled into power, to seize it forever. And for APC, it doesn’t matter if it means the very destruction of the only viable opposition, and thus democ- racy, and thus the very country itself. And the proof is self-evident: Genocidal mayhem and murders in Agatu, in Enugu and not one secu- rity finger is raised, except belatedly, perhaps. Meanwhile there is a festooning and macabre jubilee over arraignments, of show trials.

In summary, it may be said that in all these EFCC circus of accusations against the PDP and or senior officials of the last administration, they have only one real intention. It is not to convict anybody. EFCC itself is willing tool in the hands of its handlers. Its real purpose is to demonise and criminalise PDP out of contention and as a political entity. That is, EFCC is working hard to destroy opposition and multi- party democracy in Nigeria. EFCC wants and wills Nigeria to be under Caesar, Caesar of its own making, in the guise of a sheriff. And their information czar, Mr. Lai Mohammed, almost squealed on that, but we shall come to him lat- ter.

However, a more explicit hint to this perilous future to come was given away under a Freud- ian slip. Writing under: Lamido: The many riv- ers to cross before 2019, Daily Trust, May 1, 2016, Hamza Idris presciently claims: And be- sides the enormous challenges [Lamido] may likely face from the ruling APC, Lamido would also have to contend with the animosity bedev- iling the PDP, as well as the alleged corruption baggage, occasioned by litigations, hanging on his neck, after serving as governor between 2007 and 2015.

It is clear and acceptable to this writer that the very purpose of the allegations of political corruption against Lamido and others are in themselves proofs of guilt. And more they are to be so bedeviled by these EFCC contrived charges that their political future is literally

smashed into nothingness, as they have been found guilty, politically guilty, even before trials. So, for APC, vicariously and viscerally, PDP and opposition and multiparty politics are thus destroyed. That is, the show-trials are in themselves mere stoppers to the political plu- rality, ambitions and opposition politics in


So, that is the game. Actually it is the PDP that is being played. But would the nation know that consequentially, multiparty democracy and thus the nation may be destroyed so that Nige- ria will be a one-party state, under a sheriff of virgin birth? Does the nation know that the real party in power may be EFCC and that, that is a fat tail event?

In all, Nigerians must keep vigil. This is be- cause if ala EFCC and or its principals, multi- party democracy is destroyed, then the country or what remains of her is done, is gone.


Is Saraki orphaned?

WE read Dr. Bukola Saraki’s A Candid Response (This Day, 23-04-16) with amusement. It was smoothly written but was poor in logic. And worse, it is, despite its intentions, a strategic non sequitur. It is either Saraki is a coward and lacks the finger [a political leper?], to point at his real persecutors or he is too Tinubu-awed to think clearly. One, Bola Tinubu, who is obliquely being ‘arraigned’ by Saraki, is not part of the ruling executive. And this, is without prejudice to Tinubu being orikied as national [party] leader. Thus, the truth can only be that Tinubu at best instigated certain persons or powers, to arraign and castrate Saraki politically. From a warhorse, Saraki is now a gelding, almost.

It thus follows that the arraignment of Saraki, even if ‘suggested’ by Tinubu is not attributable to him, since Tinubu doesn’t have such powers. It is the ‘originating or activator’ powers that are to be first arraigned and charged, and not mere prompters, who may in real terms be [power] eunuchs. If, however, Saraki cannot list and shame these activator powers, then he would have served bet- ter by keeping his peace and quiet. The times are too perilous to add vacuous

voices to it.
However, after having said this, we have to warn that the nation owes itself the duty to let Saraki defend himself while standing as senate president to the end. The reasons are simple. Firstly, the forces plotting and scheming for the fall of Saraki are viscerally and completely opposed to the freedom and independence of Nigerians, including those of the legislature. They are gunning for one thing. And it is their gathering and aggregating all powers into one hand – the hand of a new Czar or sheriff.

The point is simple and straightforward. Even if the whole and entire senators are thieves, something not beyond Nigerians, their independence, is of supreme democratic, economic and developmental service to the nation, than the rise or institution of a dictatorship, in whatever disguise. And it portends the gravest dangers that the prospective dictator is being marketed as being of political virgin birth.

Already the party sheriff, Chief John Oyegun, has given notice that APC is poised to seize the upper legislative house and elect the replacement Senate President, a power gelding. That alone

is a pointer to the schemes of those who just don’t wish this country well. Democracy is in the plurality and scattering of powers, not in its aggregation by one man or dictator, however virgin his birth.

And before this sack-Saraki-dictatorship happens, let us remind ourselves that it will be the second one chance bus APC has thrown this nation into. The first was in their silver-tongued coming to power. It was sold to the unwary, to use the words of Babatunde Fashola, that to give Nigeria 24-7 electricity was not rocket science and would happen under six months. Now 11 months down the line, Fashola still uses generators in all his homes and offices scattered all over Nigeria. And now they have come with another silver-tongued rhetoric. It is that one of their kind, Saraki, is suddenly ‘a thief, is a liar’, unlike the rest of them, birds of same feather, of the same party. Believe them and you have helped drag the nation and yourself into a second APC one chance bus. And that would amount to tempting God.

As to the completely phoney or even brain-dead Nigerians, protesting the alleged profligacy of the senators, aka SUVs, we are lost if their issue is ignorance or a lack of perspectives. If they all can live in and with a constitution forged or gunned by the coup makers, they have given up on the right to ask for anything better. If they can live with a government that does nothing while innocent hundreds are being studiedly murdered, in Agatu, in Enugu, then why are they bothered one ‘sena thief’ is taking up an SUV? Or like APC government, is it that Nigerians and Nigerian lives are cheaper than SUVs and cattle? If they can’t occupy the Federal Government, they should ashamedly quit the National Assembly and not infest the place with their smelly body odors.

To put it bluntly: The problem with Nigeria is not in the Senate. The problem with Nigeria is that we allowed the greatest robbery, the greatest forgery, aka coup making, to self-institute itself, to launder itself into glory by authoring, sorry, forging a national constitution. Immediately that is done and accepted by you, it is insanity to question smaller and inconsequential issues like thieving SUVs, or just whatnot. If your founder Generals can forge a constitution, and you okay it, what won’t his heirs or senators do?


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