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Disappointments galore!

It is disappointing! It is untenable! It is below expectation! It is frustrating! It is regrettable! These are expressions and exclamations that issue from mankind’s mouth on daily basis. Everyone is confronted with situations which fall below expectations. Friends lament betrayals from friends; parents lament betrayals from children while lack of faithfulness is the sing-song of many spouses.

Disappointments are most pronounced in political arena. Hardly could you find a political leader that would be roundly acceptable by all. Even within his or her political party there would always be disgruntled elements who considered themselves marginalised in the scheme of things. It can be safely guaranteed that the opposition would hardly find anything to approve in the performance of government.

Disappointments are fall-outs of expectations and ‘appointments’. People who do not expect anything can never be disappointed. But that in itself is near impossibility. Even though some people claim they do not expect anything from friends and associates, it is in fact and in truth a lie and deception.

It is quite normal in relationships to expect something from each other. Husbands expect something from their wives just as wives have mountains of expectations from their husbands. The left hand and the right hand depend on each other for keeping themselves washed and clean.

When communities submit their sovereignty to their elected leaders it is in serious expectation that such leaders would serve them well and represent their collective interests wherever they go and whenever circumstances beckon on them to so do. This is why politicians carry a very heavy load and very heavy responsibility. They are in the main expected to serve. They are servant leaders. The authority constituted in them is held in trust for the people.

However the huge trust is more often than not abused by political leaders. It is an open secret that political leaders end up serving themselves and their families and cronies instead of serving the generality of the people. To make matters worse most political leaders and their cohorts plunder and steal the entire commonwealth leaving nothing for the service of the yearnings of the electorate.

In the Nigerian experience, stealing by public office holders has become demonic and satanic. It has no rhyme or rhythm and is a maximum index for insanity. In better climes the vultures in Nigeria would have been sent to psychiatric institutions for permanent confinement. Nigerian political leaders have no regard for the electorate or for the generality of Nigerian citizenry. As a matter of fact they treat fellow citizens with utter condescension. And regrettably the citizens lap up to them and accept their inferiority status without questioning.

It is the same experience with religious leaders who exploit their irredeemably ignorant flock to the fullest. Muslim and Christian clerics treat their followers like scum and reduce them to zombies who seem to lack a molecule of brain matter. It is ‘follow-follow’ all the way. While their exploiters live in stupendous opulence the hungry flock are happy to live in degrading poverty in the false expectation that there is some bogus mansion somewhere in the clouds where they will live ‘life more abundant’. The brainwashed ignoramuses fail to ask their religious leaders why such leaders do not also wait for their own mansion in ‘heaven’ wherever that heaven is. It is gradually becoming obvious that those who mouth salvation in place of mass deceit and exploitation are taking worshippers for granted.

When someone screamed at you three years ago that your situation would ‘not be the same again’ and you discover to your chagrin that instead of improvement to your status you are sinking deeper into the abyss you begin to wonder why you have been so stupid and gullible. Now disappointment set in. But foolishly, rather than come to your senses you move to another place of worship to be scammed again!

Wives, who during courtship had hoped [just a dream] that they would be able to change their suitors after marriage are in for a long dreary life of disappointments and sorrow. Psychology has taught us that you can rarely bend a dry fish. A bully of a boyfriend would eventually graduate into a bully husband just like a nymphomaniac girl would graduate into a shameless promiscuous wife. Liars in both cases would only graduate into more mature and seasoned liars.

Poverty, joblessness and hopelessness have driven millions of citizens to desperation, wickedness, and loss of moral values. Friends no longer trust friends and siblings do not trust one another. You cannot do business with your brother or sister, not even a uterine sibling. You cannot entrust the care of your wife to a brother or ask your sister to stay with your husband to look after your children while you are away on business.

Girls who dress like prostitutes to lectures have expectations from their lecturers while lecturers whose salaries have not been paid for months expect to take their emoluments from the scantily dressed flirts/coquets. It is all about expectations and when the students fail their examinations despite the sacrifice they have made, they feel cheated, used and disappointed.

Right now everybody is disappointed with the state of affairs either privately, locally, nationally and even globally. Locally and nationally, expectations have not been fulfilled and many people are wondering if the choices they made before now were right for them. There is disappointment in private/personal lives. Businesses have collapsed, jobs have been lost, and positions have shifted, marriages have collapsed and crumbled and lots of children feel abandoned by their parents and guardians who themselves are in quandary.

In Nigeria most federating nationalities in the country are not satisfied with the status quo and are very disappointed in those who they believe are entrusted to right the wrongs but are looking the other way. Nigerians decry the state of insecurity in the land and are worried stiff that the two most dreadful Terrorist groups Boko Haram and the Stone Age Fulani Herdsmen are growing wings every day.

It is Disappointments that have driven freedom loving Nigerians to cry out for Restructuring of the Polity and a return to status quo ante and possibly to pre-1914 Amalgamation so that federating nationalities can agree on terms of co-existence in the country.

Disappointments in all ramifications must be seriously addressed in order to restore trust and confidence to all sectors concerned.

Lets I forget, citizens of the United States of America are about waking up from their slumber!!!.


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