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The death of Sister Grace

I join Pastor Ambrose to urge the church to atone for the unjust death meted to otherwise precious Sister Grace

Tony Iwuoma

Let us talk about Sister Grace. Many of know her and some preachers dwell much on her beauty. She is enchanting and captivating but, unfortunately, she has led many astray. Not that she intentionally lured anyone away from the Truth but she’s like a glowing damsel whose charm blows siren anywhere she goes. Some people get so charmed by her beauty they miss their steps and fall into a ditch.

Sadly too, some pastors have joined the train of drooling admirers. They fantasise and romanticise grace and adorn it with unworthy alien clothing. Once you embrace grace, they teach, you’re done forever. Sin has no effect upon you for grace has paid it all. Really?

That is why I squirm when some people talk about Sister Grace. I become suspicious because they don’t know her but see her as escape route from sin. Sister Grace is heart-broken because have dubbed her immoral and worldly. They have poisoned sweet Sister Grace but she refuses to be buried.

I was glad when one Pastor Ifeanyi Ambrose (+2348138734922) raised the alarm on the rape of Sister Grace by some so-called pastors and unbelieving believers. I was glad to know there were still remnants in the tribe of lovers of Sister Grace for who she truly is. Pastor Ambrose talked about a pastor who has a church near the mountain (Ori Oke) and people flock there but straight from the church, they end up in hell fire because unlike the Berean Christians, they don’t want to read the Bible to know the Truth and so, swallow the toxic teaching of this pastor who has a church near the mountain (Ori Oke).

On their way to or fro Ori Oke, this satanist ‘pastor’ who has a church near the mountain ambushes them. He tells them that God does not care about sinfulness; God cannot discipline a Christian because Jesus has paid the entire price and thus, sin is no longer a problem. This implies that people can sin without their conscience pricking them. However, Matthew 1:21 said the major reason Jesus came was to save us “from” sin, not to leave us “in” sin.

God doesn’t take as much delight in prayer and fasting as He does in seeing us live in holiness and walking in Truth. Some people can fast and pray for forty days and forty nights and end the same fasting with fornication or covetousness. This is where many unbelieving believers miss God. They think that seed sowing can atone for a careless Christian life, forgetting that simple obedience is better than sacrifice.

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Oh, how sad! Preachers are now helping Satan to fight God and they call it ministry. Please, ask every eternal security, licentious preacher that comes your way: “What if a man confesses Jesus Christ as His Saviour and then goes to fornicate the same day and died in the act of sin without asking for God’s mercy…If a man dies in the act of sin without asking for forgiveness from God, will such a man go to heaven or hell; will grace cover him?” Of course, you too can answer the question. The answer you give will expose the futility or deception of the messengers of ‘grace’. We cannot continue in sin because grace abounds (Romans 6:1-2).

Nevertheless, you are following a pastor that doesn’t know God or even simple Bible truths and you think all is well. You are following religious leaders that are teaching you how to bow to idols and to commit fornication with a licence you call grace. Maybe you still haven’t read Titus 2: 11-12 to understand the true meaning of Grace. The devil now speaks through satanist ‘pastors’ from polluted altars, varnished pulpits and satellite television channels, saying that once you confess Jesus your lifestyle thereafter does not matter.

You say, “I am the righteousness of God in Christ” but the perversion in your spirit doesn’t know that righteousness ought to always make one to live right. You can’t be the righteousness of God and be smoking, womanising, masturbating or indulging in sundry unholy vices. And our moony sisters come in sparse dresses, looking ‘sexy’ as if the church is a sex market; our straggling brothers fry their hair, sag their pants and rhumba like crazed showmen; our parents revel in concubinage while our pastors mortgage their calling to fat offering, banishing the Holy Spirit while imported comedians crack lewd jests to make us laugh away the idiocy of wanderlust souls.

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We crave or confess we want to be like Jesus. Does Jesus smoke, womanise or do those things? Is Jesus an alcoholic? Oh, Jesus turned water to wine and Paul told Timothy to take a little wine? That is true but did anybody tell you what manner of wine; couldn’t it have been vinegar? A day of reckoning is nearby when every man shall account for our deeds on earth. Therefore, we sum up with Revelations 22:11.

For those who know the truth; continue and never weary but if the befuddled won’t learn, never give them time to teach you error but rather seek for a way to win them to Truth. If they are proud in their error like the ‘satanist’ preachers, walk away after asking them to repent or perish.

Be careful! That your pastor can pastor you to hell if you don’t learn simple Bible truths. Lack of sound Bible knowledge is worse than HIV/AIDS. While HIV can destroy your body, lack of sound biblical truth can terminate your eternal soul.

Once saved is not always saved, ask Hebrews 10 verse 38. Ask Demas that drew back from following Apostle Paul. Ask Lot’s wife that escaped the fire of Sodom but looked back, she will tell you that once saved and returning to sin can turn you into a blocked salt. You can lose your salvation if you don’t daily walk with the Master in obedience to the Holy Spirit.

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I join Pastor Ambrose to urge the church to atone for the unjust death meted to otherwise precious Sister Grace. Grace is good but any grace that gives you licence to sin is a disgrace. Is your pastor’s pulpit pulling you out of the pit of sin or pushing you into the pit of iniquity? As for the deceived and careless pastor, who has a church near the mountain (Ori Oke) and his hypnotised members as well as other eternal security preachers, repent Now and follow holiness. Eternal security preachers have no part in this ongoing Reformation. They will be kicked out by the Spirit of Truth.

“For the grace of God that bringeth salvation hath appeared to all men…Teaching us that, denying ungodliness and worldly lusts, we should live soberly, righteously, and godly, in this present world…Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ.” Titus 2:11-13.


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