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Day movie producer grabbed my boobs – Omalicha Elom

By Rita Okoye

Budding but controversial actress, Omalicha Elom is at it again. An indigene of Ebonyi State, in this chat with Entertainer Elom bares it all on challenges of being a green horn in Nollywood and the sleaze in the motion picture industry. The beautiful actress also talks about her debut movie production effort among other issues.

What is the new project you are working on?

I am about to produce my debut movie enitled Marriage Police.  It is the story of what is going on in different homes in our present world; I am talking about domestic violence and abusive marriages among others. Every man wants a peaceful home. After seeing my movie, people are going to applaud me. it is didactic; a tragic-comedy and quite interesting.

Is this your personal story?

Yes! I encountered something similar in my first relationship. However, it is becoming a norm. I have only dated two guys all my life. My first boyfriend was so jealous and obsessive nobody could say ‘hi’ to me. He chased away all my friends; male and female. He caused more harm to me than good. Fortunately, the relationship didn’t last; we had to part ways.

How did he cope after you broke up with him?

It was a serious issue but with prayer and fasting, I overcame him and his troubles.

Don’t you think society would frown at you for doing a movie on marriage while you are still single?

It doesn’t matter. Anybody can talk about that with little knowledge because it has become a big issue in our society. By January it should be out for all to see and enjoy.

You recently granted an interview where you were quoted saying you don’t mind asking men for sex, how true is that?

I never said such, the reporter quoted me out of context. How can I boldly ask a guy out or even ask for sex when I am an African. That is not part of our culture? I only said I had only dated two guys in my life and I am presently single and not in any relationship. I don’t know where the reporter got that from. If I really like a guy, I can only imagine him in my head as my boyfriend but I can’t walk up to him to ask for sex. No way! I am very romantic but not crazy.

People say oral sex is dirty, what do you think about that?

Well, I don’t know about other people’s opinions but I don’t like it at all.

And what if you get married and your husband insists he wants it, will you succumb?

Well, the Bible says women should be submissive to their husbands. So, if I get married and my husband wants oral sex, I will give it to him so I can make heaven (laughter). 

What if he demands for anal sex?

I can’t do that at all. In fact, I know my husband can’t be crazy enough to ask me for anal sex. 

Can you forgive a cheating partner?

No, not ever! Because once I am in a relationship, I stay very loyal and faithful. So, I would not even look back if my lover should cheat on me, be it my husband or boyfriend. Once you have me, let it be me forever until we part ways. Don’t even try to cheat on me. They say men are polygamous in nature but it is not right. Before a woman would cheat, something deep must have happened.

It seems female producers are rapidly taking over the movie industry, what is really going on?

I think it is becoming a woman’s world. The women are out there to take over and make more money. For the up-and-coming actresses that also venture into movie productions, I think they do it because they are tired of constant sexual harassments by producers. Producers are always asking for sex or money from up-and-coming actresses.

Are you a victim of sexual harassment?

Yes! I joined AGN in 2011. There was this audition I went for and the producer asked me to seduce him and I was acting it with all my heart not knowing he had ulterior motives. It was when he grabbed my boobs  I realised he wanted to get fresh with me and I was shocked! I cautioned him and stormed out of his office. After that I really felt discouraged but I didn’t give up. I told my mum and family members and they gave me lots of moral support.

Don’t you think that sometimes, desperate actresses seduce or prompt producers to ask for sex?

It’s very true. Some of them feel their body can answer all things. To be honest, some of these so-called Asaba big girls started these paying-for-movie-roles and sex-for-roles. They feel they have it all and want to appear in movies either by hook or crook. In Asaba, some girls give producers between N100,000 and N200,000 just to be appear in one or two scenes.

So, you would agree that there are lots of prostituting actresses in the new Nollywood?

Yes there are. It is quite painful and annoying. However, it is also in other places, in every area of human endeavour, be it banking, Oil & Gas and whatever.

How spiritual are you?

I am very spiritual. I don’t joke with Church. I always pay my tithes. Even when someone dashes me money I pay my tithe from it. I make sure I help the less privileged as often as I can. I fast and pray when need be. I might be crazy but I really love God and everything that concerns Him.

So, what is your take on tithing?

I pay my tithe all the time and I sow seed. That is how God keeps blessing me. It is in the bible, I can’t remember the Bible verse but there.

Are you against Daddy Freeze’s interpretation of that?

Firstly, I don’t know who Daddy Freeze is and I don’t care to know. All I know is that people should pay their tithes and allow God to bless them abundantly.

Don’t you think that there are other people out there that deserve that money than those flamboyant pastors who already have it all?

It is not my business! I don’t care about how those pastors buy their private jets and exotic cars. Pastors are not gods; they are not the ones to bless people. I know a lot of pastors that assist majority of their church members financially. But how many will they talk about?  Even if pastors are not well dressed, people would still condemn them. The bottom line is, pay your tithes and receive God’s blessings.


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