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DANDELION: Wonderful Beauty Provider

Taraxacum officinalisWigg.
Family- Asteraceae
Common names: priest’s crown, monk’s head, irish daisy, lion’s tooth, ewe yarin (Yoruba).
A flowering herbaceous plant commonly considered a weed by many gardeners and lawn owners. Dandelion can be found on roadsides, banks and shores of water ways and other areas with moist soils. It grows from generally unbranched taproots and produces 1-10 stems (or more) that are typically 5–40 cm tall, but sometimes up to 60 cm tall. The stems are upright or lax, and produce yellow flower heads that are held as tall as or taller than the foliage. The foliage may be upright-growing or horizontally spreading; the leaves have petioles that may or may not be winged. Root is fleshy and dark brown in color with white pulp inside.
Though considered a weed, dandelion has several culinary values and is used for fiber, medicine and also grown as vegetables.

Part used: leaves, flowers and roots.
I got attracted to this plant by its specific name-(officinalis), which is derived from the word opificina (officina); meaning a workshop or pharmacy. And this refers to its great value as a medicinal herb. However, the medicinal importance of this plant derives from its active principles such as flavonoids including luteolin, apigenin, isoquercitrin (a quercetin-like compound), caffeic acid, and chlorogenic acid; beta-carotene, vitamins A, C, K, B6; calcium, iron, magnesium etc. Packed with these chemical properties, now let’s see how dandelion can help your beauty:

Protects the skin
With such contents like flavonoids, beta carotenes, vitamins A & C, dandelion is a powerful antioxidant that promotes skin health. An antioxidant is a substance that helps prevent certain types of cell damage, especially those caused by oxidation. The body uses antioxidants to fight free radical damage, which is very dangerous for the body’s tissues and is connected to premature aging. These free radicals (toxins) can also cause breakouts and unwanted skin troubles. Thankfully, drinking dandelion tea helps the body avoid free radical damage of its cells. Make this herb your one-stop antioxidanttea for that healthy, glowing skin you so desire!
Topically, some people apply it as a skin toner and also to treat afflictions. The sap of dandelion stem is highly alkaline and is germicidal, insecticidal and fungicidal, and so actually beneficial for your skin. Applying the sap on skin ulcers and sores will hasten the healing and even prevent putrefaction.You can also use the sap to relieve itching or irritation from chronic eczema, ringworm and other skin infections.

Cleanses liver
In order to have clear and healthy skin, it is important to have a liver that functions effectively. The role of our liver is to produce bile, which helps enzymes in the body to filter and detoxify our blood. A healthy liver therefore, helps to keep the body clear of toxins that may originate from our diet or the environment. Taking this herb daily helps stimulate the flow of bile, making it a good tonic for the liver. What are you waiting for? Replace your regular coffee with a cup of this tea and your liver will be glad and of course the real beauty in you will show!

Treats acne
As already noted, dandelion is an incredible herb that supports liver function, which is the major organ responsible for breaking down and excreting excess fat-soluble hormones, such as estrogen. This wonderful herb controls the over secretion of such hormones that may be causing your acne. Not only does dandelion help to support a healthy liver function, it opens your pores, thus facilitating the removal of toxins through sweating. Take the juice of dandelion to instantly detoxify and cleanse your system for a healthier, clearer you! The sap can also be applied topically on acne to inhibit microbial infection. Make sure you avoid contact with the eyes when using it.

Prevents premature aging
Being rich in antioxidants, dandelion prevents premature aging by reducing the appearance of fine lines, dark spots and wrinkles around the eyes and lips. Besides nourishing your skin, this herb helps tone and firm up sagging and unbalanced skin. If you want to stay ever young add dandelion to your diet for instant and lasting results.

Boosts immunity
Dandelion provides great immune support, thanks to its vitamins A & C. So to stay on top of your health, fight premature aging and vision impairment, drink a one cup of dandelion tea daily.

Stimulates hair growth
It is now clear that dandelion is rich in vitamins and minerals which nourish your skin and the hair is no exception. Both consumption and topical application of this herb provide great benefits to your hair. Among other benefits, your hair will significantly grow as well stays healthy.

Treats your greasy Hair
Dandelion is effective in getting rid of excess oil or sebum accumulated in the scalp. If you have greasy hair, you can simply steep dandelion leaves for about 15 minutes. Strain and use on your hair as a final rinse.

Controls your weight
Dandelion is rich in fiber, making the herb a beneficial aid for digestion and intestinal health. Fiber is responsible for moving foods quickly through the digestive tract, helping it function optimally, thereby reducing the risk of obesity.
Fresh dandelion leaves as well as dried herb can be utilized in the remedies recommended above.
The fresh leaves can be eaten as a salad, cooked green, or made into a green drink. Lemons, oranges, or grape fruit may be added to the dandelion juice to enhance their taste.
Dandelion is also available in the form of capsules and tinctures.


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