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Security is an evolving phenomenon  but when it is static, its potency becomes ineffective and rudderless. That was how the Community policing programme  initiative that former lnspector General of Police Mr. Tara Balogun  gave birth to in 2003 was comatosed after his exist from office and subsequent administration packed up the programme like a machine and abandoned it to rust away. This has been the bane of the  Nigeria police, and our political institutions.  Visions are killed for no justifiable reason. Some visions were killed  out of sheer envy and wickedness. Visionary leaders come up with noble idea  which was conceived after sleepless nights and then embark on   its implementation only to leave the stage  for another leader who instead of building on the idea, prefers to  destroy or delete it from  human memory. This is sheer wickness and witchcraft, afterall, it is the same tax payers money that is being expended.  The Community policing programme received great attention and acceptability because it was to provide a lasting solution to many of Nigerias security problems. lt was to help nip in the bud crimes that would have  claimed innocent lives and further startle our ill equipped security personnels. 

The Community policing  programme would have helped to restore the people confidence in the Nigeria Police and also see the personnels as friends of  the community.

ln fact, all these internal insecurity  that  are plaguing the country  could have been  resolved and effectively handled. More painful is the fact that much  resources was sunk into the realisation of the idea when five senior police officers of esteem integrity were  sponsored to be trained on the rudiments of  implementing community policing  in the United States of America and Britain, unfortunately all the efforts  were jettisoned  for no tenable reasons. lt was therefore a welcome narrative when  a senior special adviser on political affairs to the Vice President, Mr Femi Ojodu spilt the news at the public  presentation of Sir Mike Okiro’s book titled “ Nigeria: the restructuring controversy”, that the presidency was already thinking ahead on the  viability of  reintroducing the community policing.  So, when lbrahim Idris  recently rolled out the drums  to relaunch the programme as  though it was his idea raised the question, after how many years in office? The relaunch would have been commendable but when credit  and honour  are not ascribed to the rightful person, it  poses questions as to its  genuine purpose. 

The original initiator  of community policing in Nigeria is Tafa Balogun and he should be credited as such.

The relaunch  ceremony is seen as a wasteful  ceremony in this era of change mantra. One would have expected more detailed input  in the speech but as usual, there was really nothing to take home except the rehearsing of previous  talks on community policing. All the major criminal incidents like suicide bombing or other heinous crimes that had occurred in London had either been foiled  or arrested by  the Community policing structure on ground.  Same could  not have been the case in Nigeria ,  as all the kidnapping  cases would have been executed undetected. 

As the first step, the ten thousand police recruits presently graduating from most Police colleges across the country should be used to rekindle this initiative. This commendable initiative of the Buhari administration. If  pass marks should be awarded to all the security agencies according to performance, no one would  blink an eye  before scoring the police low and the military, Customs and lmigrations services higher. Even the president in his lndependence anniversary speech  commended the Military  just like he  listed some state governors. 

Though belated, the Community policing programme should  have been the main cornerstone of Crime fighting  and prevention in the country by the Buhari administration.  Unfortunately  successive police administrations and governments only paid lip service to this great idea. The world over, communities are fashioned and integrated into the policing system thereby making it very impossible for criminals to berth  and  carry out their nefarious activitie. Had other police administrations indegenised the Community police  programme, the country would have been reaping the fruit of such progressive idea. A senior security personnel described Community policing as an ideology pointing that the re-launch should be extended to schools and communities where this type of policing can be inculcated in all the children of school age. No wonder, strangers in many foreign communities are easily noticeable because comunity policing is entrenched in those communities. In such communities, the relationship that exist between them  and their police men cannot be compared to what is obtainable in Nigeria where the hatred for the police is at a boiling point. It has snowballed into a ridiculous situation where mothers use the police to intimidate their crying baby, yet the police public relations cannot sell the simple phrase “police is your friend” to Nigerians. The police must first warm itself towards the people by changing their behavioral way of carrying out their  professional duties which to many is still questionable. A time was, when the police was indeed the friend of the people, questions must be asked  of how  did the public relationship  with the police get sour? 

These are some of the many obstacles that may strangulate the  programme before the police can set out to rebrand itself and relaunch the Community policing else, it would be like a new wine in an old bottle. 

Few more months the retirement bell of the lGP would have started ringing and one would ask, when exactly will this programme take effect. Like l noted, it would then be back to square one.


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