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Chibok parents: We regret voting for Buhari

From Molly Kilete, Abuja

Tempers flared yesterday as security personnel prevented parents of the missing Chibok girls from accessing the Aso Rock Presidential Villa.
The protesting parents who had gone to the seat of government to present their of displeasure over what they described as lukewarm attitude of President Muhammadu Buhari towards rescuing the girls said they regretted voting for President Muhammadu Buhari.
The parents led by Reverend Enoch Mark, who incidentally has two of his daughters amongst the abducted girls, decried the poor communication attitude of the Presidency with the parents.
Reverend Mark, while lamenting that several parents of kidnaped girls have died due to emotional trauma, said many more parents were struggling to survive and send their wards to school.
Three years after the abduction, the parents said they would continue to embark on peaceful marches to the villa until they were granted audience by Buhari
At their resumed protest yesterday, a State House Security official received the parents and promised to pass their message across to the President. The official did not give his name.
“We are very sorry for giving Mr. President our votes. We voted Mr. President hoping he would rescue our daughters but we have become his enemy.Why can’t the President communicate with us, are we not Nigerians? Is that good for a president; a leader to show such attitude. We believe the President is against the Chibok Community,” Rev. Mark said.
They lambasted the Federal Government which they said have continued to send messages of consolation to countries hit by tragedies like plane crashes and earthquakes but failed to do same to the Chibok parents who have been deprived of their children in the last three years.
They equally questioned the capability of the government to rescue the girls, because according to them, none of the rescue made so far came from the government.
The #IMarchForChibokGirls to the State House began after the inaugural Chibok Girl’s Lecture last Friday, after two mothers of the missing girls who took part in the march, refused to stop at the usual entrance leading to the presidential villa, where the BBOG, group usually terminate their march but headed to the entrance of the State House until they were stopped by security personnel.
President of the Chibok Community in Abuja, Hosea Tsambido, said the parents would continue to engage in their peaceful march until the meet President Buhari.


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  1. AZZO 19th April 2017 at 9:21 am

    I honestly don’t understand how the 29 or so girls were rescued and no news about the other girls to date. What did these rescued girls say about the day they were all captured – were they separated and taken to different places or were they all in the Sambisa forest all together? Some of them we understand were forcefully married off- do these girls know of other possible destinations were there classmates were taken? If I remember correctly, of the few rescued one or two came with new born babies including the father- or supposed husband to one of the rescued girls. To date no one has heard what happened to this man. Was he interviewed or was he allowed to go and continue to marry the kidnapped woman? If it is true that it is the military intelligence and security personnel of the current administration that led to the rescue of these girls what happened subsequently to the security apparatus and personnel? Did they think it is job done already? We have heard how the Military have been on various successful rescue missions in Maiduguri but none of these is for the remaining missing girls and no explanation has since been offered to Nigerians and importantly to the parents of these girls – as of yet, no news about the person of Shekau and his cohorts. This continued silence in the matter sends very negative signals from government as it is a sign of defeat, resignation, we have tried and is enough, or we don’t care anymore. Yes, the popular argument will, and have always been, that the government will not make public what it is doing behind the scenes to rescue the girls – but it is a lot more like playing a broken record over and over again as there is no meaningful outcome.

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