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CES: Tab hubs to monitor, protect that child of yours

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In a world full of kidnappers and child assasins, TrackNet Inc, at the just-concluded CES in Las Vegas, United States of America, unveiled “Tabs” that could locate, monitor and bring peace of mind to families.

According to the company, the all-in-one, low-cost smart home monitoring solution is managed by a simple mobile app, designed to maximise communication and awareness for families,

“Tabs suite of devices monitors children’s activities and pinpoints their location, ensures the security and health of the home indoors and outdoors, and protects children from inappropriate content online with Wi-Fi parental controls. Tabs provides users with peace of mind by combining all things related to home and family in a single and easy to use solution,” said the platform’s promoters.

Tabs is an all-in-one smart home and locator solution that provides busy families with peace of mind. The suite of devices equipped with door, window and air quality sensors is powered by a simple mobile app that helps parents keep track of what matters most.

Designed to maximise communication and safety for families, CEO and co-founder of TrackNet, Hardy Schmidbauer, explained that, “We created Tabs with safety as a top priority and we’re excited to showcase the most robust and reliable IoT technology in the market today.

“Tabs will quickly become the primary platform for all things related to home and family safety.”

He further stated that the Tabs suite of devices currently includes wearable wristband locator, object locator, motion sensor, door and window sensor, healthy home sensor, Wi-Fi parental controls and configurable push button.

The wristband locator gives parents better assurance of their children’s location and activities through the mobile app. Children can send predefined messages such as “I’m safe,” or “Ready for pickup!”  Parents can buzz their children through the mobile app with a vibration alert through the wearable.

The object locator helps keep track of valuable items. Users attach the object locator to valuable items such as luggage at the airport, for instance, and the Tabs app monitors the item’s location for easy recovery in case of loss or theft.

Parental controls shields children from inappropriate web content, controls how much time they spend online, views all device history and allow users to block certain website categories.


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