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Celebrities split over sex dolls

Damilola Fatunmise and Rita Okoye


It’s becoming a craze among Nigerian celebrities. But it is a thing to worry about. For some men, sex with dolls is far better than having it with real women. And while some actresses like Amanda Ebeye and Biodun Okeowo see nothing wrong in men having sex with dolls, saying the way a man achieves his sexual satisfaction is a matter of choice, others describe such practice as demonic and unacceptable.

Here, we bring you all the arguments for and against sex dolls. Enjoy it.


There’s nothing wrong with sex dolls

-Amanda Ebeye, actress

I know about sex dolls, that is sex toys for men, right? I’ve always known about them, but I didn’t know why they just started trending. Honestly, I have nothing against sex dolls; they are like all other sex toys. I also don’t think it would stop men from getting married and having babies. It’s just like saying a sex toy will stop a woman from getting married. I greatly disagree with that.


Sex with women remains the best

-Chigozie Atuanya, actor

I don’t think sex dolls are made for normal people. It beats my imagination. Of what use are sex dolls? They want humans to go into extinction? God forbid!

I can never be in support of such demonic creatures of humans. Man and woman are still the best means of having sexual satisfaction.


Sex dolls can’t replace women

-Nani Boi, producer

Let’s be frank, no normal person will get a sex doll after seeing all the beautiful, well endowed ladies that God has taken time to create. The world is blessed with beautiful creatures that came as women. It’s only an insane man that would go for sex dolls. Some of these things are even possessed by some unknown spirits.


I’ve nothing against sex dolls users

-Biodun Okeowo

It’s trash to me but individual’s choice matters. I don’t judge people’s choices or their acts. In a case like this, individual’s choice matters. If a man wants to have sex with a doll, good for him, let him enjoy it. It might not worth it for me but worth it for the buyer, no qualms. I don’t know the effects, but I think it will have an emotional side effect on the long run,”


Sex with dolls unnatural like a woman using vibrator

-Sophia Williams

I’m still trying to come to reality about how someone will be comfortable to have sex with a doll! Is it for real? For me, it’s crazy and unacceptable. Trust me sex with dolls can never be the same with that of humans. It’s just like a woman using vibrator! And again, it’s ungodly and my faith condemns such acts. I’ll advise men craving for sex dolls to stay away from such practice because it can become an addiction, and you know what that means.


Thought of having sex with dolls turns me off

-Ruth Eze, actress

Sex dolls are demonic. They are indeed signs of the end time. It’s something I can’t deal with or even stand. The thought of a man having sex with dolls turns me off.


Neither vibrator nor doll can compare to real sex

-Stella Idika, actress

Sex doll or sex toy, one can never compare it with the real endowment of a man or woman. How can an ordinary vibrator or doll take over the role of a man or woman in a relationship? It is absurd. I don’t understand how ladies enjoy using vibrator or men enjoy having sex with dolls, but it can never be like the real thing.


Leave me out of this

-Kenneth Okonkwo, actor

Sex doll? Please, carry your sex toys or dolls and go. I don’t have anything to say. I don’t want to be misquoted again. Thank you.


Don’t compare vibrator to sex doll

-Omalicha Elom

Only a mentally deranged man can sleep with a sex doll. How can a responsible man want to sleep with a sex doll? It’s totally impossible. Therefore, sex dolls are made for mad men. Vibrators can never and should never be compared to sex dolls, because sex dolls are made in form of women while vibrators are made in form of a man’s penis, not in form of a man. Now those are two different things. Most men are not against vibrators, they buy it for their wives or girlfriends while traveling for a long period or if they can’t make their partners reach orgasm. This is because some women find it difficult to reach orgasm. So, there’s no comparison between sex dolls and vibrators and there’s no justification for any man to sleep with a sex doll.


It’s an insult to womanhood

-Blessing Brown, actress

Sex dolls are insults to womanhood because since the invention of this nonsense, I’ve heard and read a whole bunch of insulting comments from men. On one occasion, I heard a man on phone talking to his girlfriend. He said: ‘if you try that thing you did last night again, I will get a sex doll and forget about this stupid relationship’. My goodness. I was shocked. I then said to myself, ‘this man must be sick upstairs’.

On another occasion, I read a comment in one of the random sex doll posts, and the man wrote ‘this sex doll go sweet for threesome ooo’. Well, since I don’t usually look for trouble, I just replied under his comment: ‘another mad man spotted’. I think the inventor of sex dolls have a problem with real women, until we figure out what the problem is, I will just fold my arms and keep observing.


I’m speechless

-Jaye Kuti, actress

Honestly, I’m speechless. I don’t have anything to say on sex dolls. Sorry.


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