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10th April 2017 - Where are ‘Mezie Abia’ clowns? (2) ON February 15, 2014, one sycophantic group known as “Mezie Abia Organization” took a full-page advertorial in SATURDAY INDEPENDENT to pour tirades on the trio of Femi Adesina, Eric Osagie and my humble self for our different feedback on the invidious visit of a few members of the Abia State chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), led sheepishly, as usual, by former Governor Theodore Ahamefule Orji, to the erstwhile chairman of the party, Alhaji Ahmadu Adamu Mu’azu, in Abuja. The sole mission was to clamour for the non-return of Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu to the party. Also inevitably joined in the calumnious narrative was Kalu, of course. The horribly written advertorial, entitled “Abia PDP and the activities of Clown Writers,” was signed by a certain Hon. Uche Nwosu, President, Mezie Abia Organization (MAO). First free lesson: ‘clown’ is a noun/verb and its adjective is ‘clownish’—which should have applied to the silly advertorial title. Let us continue with the bizarre name of this outfit. Which Abia are they fixing? The one ruined by T. A. Orji for eight unbroken years? Whose mandate do they have to fix the 17th Century-like state? And what is the pedigree of this organization? Why did it employ illiterate English language to communicate blunders in the name of a rejoinder? Must you write if you do not have rudimentary writing skills and basic knowledge of the English language? Do children of outcasts not have access to vernacular (Igbo specifically), which should have been employed in attacking us? The advertorial is a sheer advertisement of half-literacy and boyish illogic! So much for Nwosu’s self-inflicted public embarrassment as we go into the issues raised in that atrocious publication. Why should a purportedly honourable person indulge in a dishonourable act? Let’s take the specious declarations of MAO as much as space will allow and puncture them. “Actually, from the time it came into being till the year 2007, the state—Abia—was thoroughly abused, raped and abandoned to its appalling fate.” Since the creation of Abia State on August 27, 1991, all the past administrators and Kalu, tangentially, left the state in a dark corner! The only person that brought light to the state is the immediate-past governor, according to MAO’s spurious testaments! What kind of collective dismissal of past leaders is this? Because you want to attack Kalu at the instance of his successor, you now berate all your principal’s predecessors in office! This is arrant nonsense and crass presumptuousness that border on overgeneralization rascality and blanket condemnation without any justificatory basis whatsoever. The next extract from the MAO juvenility: “…how can any rational human regal (sic) a man that has sat on (sic) the saddle of governance for eight years without making any appreciable impact on its economic and social landscape. Orji Uzor Kalu, it will be recalled, was the governor of Abia State from May 27, 1999 to May 26, 2007.” If Kalu made an impact that was not appreciable, T. A. Orji’s phantom legacy—which will be the subject of another serial commencing in a fortnight—will evidence abject catastrophe without any impact at all, appreciable or not. The surfeit of grand deception, tomfoolery, lies and propaganda has finally given way to a stark reality of not abuse, rape and abandonment, but fatalistic and irredeemable destruction of Abia State. Yet another MAO declaration: “No amount of hack and jaundiced writings would lacerate his personality, nor change the records of history (sic). Letting lose (sic) attack dogs to assault and harass a performing governor, in the person of Chief T. A. Orji (Ochendo Global) (another comma) will only make him soar higher and higher.” I pity Nwosu’s sub-education which will not allow him to comprehend the import of “hack and jaundiced writings.” How can any sane Nigerian in this country and in the Diaspora accuse the treble of Adesina, Osagie and Wabara of low quality writing? At the risk of immodesty, we are among the best in the world. The person must be suffering from imbecility. What does he mean by jaundiced writing? How can verifiable statements of fact be described as jaundiced writing? Only a demented person engages in name-calling (“attack dogs”). He claimed that Orji performed. The only way to authenticate the yarn: let T. A. Orji walk, unaccompanied, in major streets in Abia and let us see whether he will not be stoned to death. Orji’s record in Abia is like a mirage and an obtuse gallery of pictures generated by adroit computer manipulators and used to publicly pool the wool over the eyes of some gullible Abians and indifferent Nigerians. Let us take another extract from the MAO fabrication: “Some columnists of the (sic) Sun Newspapers have for some time now (sic) constituted themselves as (sic) attack dogs of (sic) Governor Orji and his government. At the last count, Eric Osagie, Ebere Wabara, Femi Adesina etc (sic) have (sic) taken up arms against an innocent man through their diabolical writings, diatribes and invectives.” There is nothing diabolical about our writings as unsolicited documents and other interrogated sources of authentic and certified information at our disposal will open a can of worms in the weeks ahead. Obviously, Nwosu does not know the meaning of “diatribes.” If he did, he ought to have understood that our critique of the maladministration in Abia will persist and we shall continue to inveigh against Orji on grounds of anger informed largely by his non-performance. No governorship successor has been as disrespectful as T. A. Orji to his predecessor! So, his mercenaries should not make allusions to heaping of “invectives” on him or similar terminologies in the unfolding combative circumstance. The real battle for the political and spiritual cleansing and genuine liberation of our state has just begun. No degree of kindergarten blackmail via sponsored and idiotic advertorials can dissuade someone like me who is earnestly awaiting the revalidation of Dr. Alex Otti’s victory by the apex court shortly. Again, we return to the MAO trash: “The question Osagie, Wabara and Adesina and their likes (sic) should ask themselves is: why should a whole state be united in one voice and one deed (sic) against an individual? The simple reason is that: Orji Kalu left the state worst (sic) than he met it as governor.” Which whole state? Was there a plebiscite? Are the few indigent elders hero-worshipping Ochendo amid reception of life-support crumbs representative of the entire Abia indigenes? Why should a supposedly sensible person and leader of an ad hoc organization make sweeping, childish and derogatory statements? I am utterly scandalized and ashamed that poverty could make dunderheads become illogical and do things that smack of stupidity! A handful of beggarly numbskulls at home and 11 passive National Assembly legislators are now equated to Abia citizenry! Let me say it for the second time, an aggregation of thousands of these so-called Abia PDP stalwarts and their receding followers cannot have the minutest value of Kalu’s heroism, invincibility, transnational fame, nationwide popularity and superlative chord with fellow Abians and non-Abians. This is the crux of the morbid hatred for Kalu: his diminishing opponents are afraid of his domineering carriage and intimidating potentialities that naturally make his dwindling hypercritics fret, submissive and subservient! No “party stalwart,” former governor or indeed any person for that matter likes such conquistadorial posturing and aristocratic bluff! Therefore, they need to flinch from Kalu out of cowardly folly instead of synergizing with him and tapping his illustriousness. This is why the APC national leadership needs him more than millions of T. A. Orji and other Abia PDP minions.
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