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Buhari has fulfilled his election promises, say gospel bishops

Fred Ezeh and Gracia Iroaja, Abuja

The International Gospel Bishops’ Organization (IGBO) said on Wednesday that Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari has fulfilled the promises he made to Nigerians in the course of seeking election in 2015.

To this end, the umbrella body of gospel bishops in Nigeria said that President Buhari deserves to be commended and supported instead of the barrage of criticisms that have become a source of distraction to his administration.

The presiding president of the organization, Bishop Sylvanus Ofili, told journalists at the end of their 2018 international retreat in Abuja, that the group has critically analyzed the activities of the government in the past three years and is giving it a “pass mark”.

The Christian leaders were particularly impressed with the way the government has handled issues of insecurity and corruption which has been reflected in robust economic growth.

Bishop Ofili, however, observed that, “we might not be where we ought to be as a nation, but we are definitely not where we were few years ago. It is an indication that tremendous success has been achieved.

“The government has equally shown serious commitment to the fight against corruption in public service. Insecurity has also received adequate attention and that had resulted in the obvious success recorded thus far in the fight against Boko Haram and other security issues.”

Ofili appealed to Nigerians to quit unnecessary criticisms that could demoralize political leaders, but offer support, encouragement and prayers so they could succeed in its quest to restore the lost glory and dignity of the country.

“It is unfortunate that some Nigerians have turned their eyes and faces away from the good works of government and dwell on its shortcomings. That is against the scriptural injunctions that asked us to pray for our leaders irrespective of their shortcomings.”

He advised Nigerians to prepare adequately ahead of the 2019 general elections by joining political parties and participate deeply in the selection process of leaders.

He also asked Nigerians get their Permanent Voter Card (PVC) and use it wisely when it comes time to voting.


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  1. Pastor Joe 31st May 2018 at 11:34 pm

    Oh… first and fore most let me thank Bishop Sylvanus Ofili for his commendation about the PMB administration though some Nigerians might see him as praise singer but in the ream of things as fast thinker Bishop Sylvanus Ofili some how fail to recognized PMB over 108 days or more wasted in London treating himself not to talk about various absence and time wasted in appointing his cabinet ministers to serve and help Nigeria for a good governance. An adage with said a country lead by a blind man can never move faster than a milipid or snail and that reminds me of a golden brand name of Mr. Go Slow president given to PMB by Nigerians or should I remind Bishop Sylvanus Ofili the pattern of corruption fighting of PMB which look like a five finger leprosy hands of APC lead government also, let me make it clear to you that who ever goes to equity must go with clean hands therefore, any one sided probe, prosecution and arraignment in the court which lead to imprisonment by PMB, holy ghost fire and lastly, Bishop Sylvanus Ofili has also, failed to warned PMB against the killing of Christians and other innocent citizens, farmers etc, etc by Fulani herdsmen which PMB lied by telling the western leaders is the hand work of Libyan terrors yet you found it honored to congratulate PMB to have fulfilled the election promise given by say baba hmmmm…. na wa for you this unfortunate Bishop.

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