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Boji-Boji Atamuna

Brigadier Boji-Boji Atamuna versus Moumar Gadhafi and the bandits from the dead

[….at the new Command post of the Combat Regiment, enter the armed forces top brass: Brigadier one leg Boji-Boji Atamuna, Evil G Babamusa, Major Olakampo Olajide, 419 Utueke, Staff Sergent Okon Bassey, other ranks.]

Brigadier Boji-Boji Atamuna: I’m retired Brigadier General Boji-Boji Atamuna, the prince from the ancient kingdom of Igalla, the only surviving GSO1 of the original Combat Regiment. The Sitrep is a disaster and the signal is summoning all the combat ready officers and men including the retired top brass to mobilize and proceed to the bloody plains of the Middle belt.

Colonel Evil G. Babamusa: Sir your brief is expedient. You are expected to use your experience to organize an efficient mechanised unit with enough mobility and fire power to land and confront the invading bandits of Kaduna, Zamfara and other states, the undertaker bank robbers of Offa, Kwara state, and the invincible ‘AK’ totting herdsmen in Taraba, Nassarawa and Benue states.

Sergeant Okon Bassey: Oga Army don spoil! Mobilise mechanised units ke?… to go fight bandits that were mobilized and trained from the land of the dead and equipped by the dead, Libyan strong man!!

419 Utueke: Chie Chineke!! Amadi Oha!! Okon Bassey the wise old NCO… the first experienced soldier to identify the menace that is right now eating up the fabric of the Nigerian shaky federation. These bandits or herdsmen by their actions, brigandage which have spread across the food producing states are inhuman.after committing dastardly crimes of genocide, they evaporate into the thin air. When the Nigerian army or the Police sweep on them these bandits plough back to their graves. Commanded from the land of the dead by the dead unforgiving, Moumar Gadhafi, they cut of the limbs; decapitate any human being on their way especially if those humans are not wearing on their battle uniforms, the skull logo of the bandits division of the dead! BDD!

Major Olajide Olakampo: Sir for us to plan and order a productive attack against BDD, the first military dictum obligates us to identify the enemy, process the enemy’s historical data: dead or alive study the mind and the psychological details of Gadhafi, their dead GOC. Why would the former desert soldier king, who in the end was cut down by the whirlwind desert spring revolution not forget and forgive Nigeria?

Brigadier Boji-Boji Atamuna: I was in the far east and lost my left leg fighting as a young man in that World War 11. During the civil war I saw action and at the end there was no victor no vanquished. In those battle fields men fought against men. Artillery versus mortar bombs, machine gun versus bazookas! Now the headquarters is ordering me to the Middle belt war zone to face a vanishing angry dead Commander and his brutal bandit division of the dead!

What the people say: Emma, I’m an avid student of your historical lecture column with respect to Biafra, I am sorry for the death our Hero, ‘Air Raid’ ‘Hannibal’ Col’ Joe Achuzia. To every member of his family, to NDI ASABA, indeed to all BIAFRANS, I say take heart, may his soul rest in peace. Nze Sir SOC Aforole(Ngwa Ukwu).


Senator Mantu’s confessions

Whatever is being said, whatsoever that have said true confessions should bring healing and restitution, God through Christ has forgiven, it is now of judgment of those who kill the flesh and not the soul because God is the owner and He knows better-Mantu has brought sleep to his tired eyes and our God is making our Nigeria a nation, Mantu has done his will we should forgive him to allow more people confess their sins. Rev. S.N. Tanko.
As at January 1970, Brig. P. Amadi was Commander, Biafra’s 11th Division; Brig. Tony Eze,12th Division; and Brig. Achuzia Commanding ‘S’ Div. after Brig. Conrad Nwawo, Achuzia Commanded 11th Div. b/w Jan-May 1968, Covering the period of the Abagana ambush of Nigeria’s 2nd Division. 08065595718.


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