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FRESH ATTACKS Plateau Bokkos community

Plateau: Fearing fresh attack, Bokkos community can’t farm

Gyang Bere, Jos

A Ron/Kulere community in Bokkos Local Government Area of Plateau State has raised alarm about its members not being able to participate in this year farming season due to threats of a fresh attack by herdsmen in the sacked communities.

Spokesman of the community, Mr Makut Macham, disclosed this on Thursday during a press briefing in Jos and said the inhabitants of the area are gripped with fear and do not want to go to their farms due to insufficient security personnel in the area.

Mr Macham said the community is still counting loses it incurred during the March 8, 2018 attack that consumed 27 persons, 117, 000 houses burnt and foodstuff worth million of naira.

“As we speak now, our people are dislocated, they cannot go to their farms where they have been displaced and their farmlands forcefully taken over by herdsmen. There is fear of fresh attack in the community because those who summoned courage to go to farm are pursued and some escape attacks narrowly,” the community spokesman said.

“We want Federal and State Government to have mercy on us and supply us with relief materials. Bokkos Local Government Area gave us some bundles of roofing sheets which will not be enough to roof the over 117, 000 houses burnt during the attack.

“We also need government to strengthen security in the community to enable our people go to farm. I was afraid of being attacked the last time I went to the farm, I had to return home because of several complaints of threat to life by the herdsmen. Government should do something urgently because without farming this year, great famine awaits the state,” he warned.

Macham called on Federal Government to consider the introduction of livestock alimentation practice to end the attacks by herdsmen on crop farmers in the country.

He said the method will require government to develop specific financing schemes and subsidies as it is done elsewhere in the world for agriculture, as a means to end the bloodletting in the country.

“In pursuing the livestock alimentation practice, government at every level would need to adopt livestock-specific financing scheme and also provide subsidies as it is done elsewhere in the world for agriculture.

“The system involves keeping of animals within a confined space and providing them with adequate nutritional and medical care without having to expose them to open grazing in the country for pasture. The system is better than establishment of grazing reserves, cattle ranching and cattle colonies as suggested by by Government,” he explained.


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  1. Ezekiel Okeke 19th April 2018 at 7:08 pm

    Peace is only with the Sword- if you annihilate and erase the enemy on your God given native land in this climax of the ongoing Revolution War of the natives under the natives Disintegrated Republics which secures the natives existence and future in 21st century world, you will have peace on your God given native land. You’re yours government, leaders, authority, law, kings on yours God given native land in this climax of the ongoing Revolution War of the natives. Strike point number one are the enemy’s brainwashed terrorism mercenaries nickname military, police etc. who are behind the attacks and killings of this territory natives in disguise as so-called herdsmen etc. for fulani fraudulent criminal sultanate political government with its emirates under the dead fraudulent political name Nigeria- if you do not annihilate and erase them on your God given native land, they will annihilate and erase you on your God given native land, if you do not kill them, they will kill you. Only the Sword decides. God Is With Us!!!

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