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Being a dad : How to build your children’s self confidence

Teaching children to be self-confident requires efforts, patience and persistence. As a father, you are concerned about the challenges they will face outside your home; the way they will handle being bullied and how they would react if someone tried to coerce them into doing something wrong.

However, raising confident children who would be able to stand their grounds in life requires having confidence in youself and your own abilities as their father. No father wants to raise a wimp or one who gives in to others owing to lack confidence and a healthy dose of self esteem.

Building self-esteem takes vision; seeing something nobody else can see in your children. It takes a father who can see them for who they are and who they will become to work towards that vision. A father who builds his children’s self esteem is a great father.

While building your children’s confidence, ignore your fears. Fathers can feel their fears regarding their children’s perceived inabilities or feej their hopes of seeing them do better in areas where they are slow in catching up. Fathers should focus on helping their children develop a strong sense of self and become something fantastic.

Seek first to understand, then be understood if you want to increase your child’s confidence. The trick is, the more you understand what your child is feeling and telling you, the more he will listen and believe the things you say to him and about him.

Fathers should believe their children even when they don’t believe in themselves.Call them beautiful and smart. Make your children smile. Encourage them to do more of what they love, and boost their self esteem.

More than being a nurturer, as a dad, you are an example. Your children watch you, and do what you do and not what you say. From the moment they roll over, your kids take their lead from you. They learn to follow everything you do. The most important concept to building your child’s self esteem is having a strong self esteem yourself as a parent.

Building your children’s confidence also involves expecting their confidence to be challenged. Fathers know that life is not a bed of roses and things don’t always go as planned. You know that children will get their confidence level dropped by the hits of life.

Even though you know your children so well and often over estimate them or under estimate them, they are going to take a wrong step from time-to-time. But you need to have faith that your children can make it through hard stuffs. Tell them they can too. That way, they will stand on their two feet someday and make you proud.


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