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Before I die of staph

Good day, Sir,
Please, I’m having Staph aureus infection. That’s what five different laboratories have told me. It’s over five years now and I am experiencing weak erections, high body temperature, noisy stomach at night and crawling sensation as well as itching. What can I do, because I’ve taken a lot of antibiotics, yet its still there?
– Emeka Nzeribe, Awka

Sir, Please I need your help and I need it urgent. I am having serious waist pain, pains/burning sensation  when am urinating, heartburn, and I can’t last more than two minutes when am making love. Owing to this, I have stopped having sex because it used to disgrace me.  I have experienced this for the past eight month, but when I take local herbs it stops and comes back again later.
Of late, I have been taking herbs but it refuse to stop. I went for a test and the doctor said it was  moderate growth of staph. Please, what can I do before I die? Can you treat me?  What will it cost me?
– Alhassan Yerima, Gumel

Dear Doctor, l am suffering from worm like/sensational movement in the body, headache, noisy stomach and yellowish urine. The worst now is that I am beginning to feel pains in my scrotum area. I have gone for several tests to know what am suffering from, but the test shows no infection. I have been having this experience for eight years and it started when I had sexual intercourse with a lady and the condom broke. Please help me!
– Babagana Sambisa, Jimeta

Dear Yunus, Sonny, Emeka, Alhassan and Babagana,
All the complaints above are generally caused by Chronic Prostatitis (CPR). The prostate is like a man’s womb. It gets infected after usually an STD –gonorrhea, chlamydia, non-gonorrheal urethritis – gets into the system from sex (not toilet seats!!!) or masturbation (when the man inserts whatever into their penile opening) and the treatment is not adequate because the young man or boy who goes after illicit, stolen, risky, unmarried sex usually goes to some quack (chemist, non-doctor) for treatment, which just relieves him, but does not totally uproot the germs. These now spread to the prostate, the testicles, the epididymis and cause pains in the groin, pelvis, waist; pain or discomfort with urination; trouble with recreation (weak erection, dying at entry, premature ejaculation etc.) and procreation (low sperm count, oligospermia; zeros sperm count; azoospermia, necrospermia) and all sorts.
CPR can be treated, but by doctors who know what they are up against because it is stubborn and needs patience and savvy. Tests of urine and semen, called microscopy culture and sensitivity, needs to be done so that the doctor knows which of the germs (usually Staphylococcus aureus, Candida spp. E. Coli; Klebsiella, Pseudomonas, Streptococcus; Coliform spp. etc.), is involved and the antibiotic sensitivities. Treatment must be endured for prolonged periods and doses of antibiotics have to be higher than normal to get rid of the problem, which I assure you does not go on its own.

All sufferers CAN be cured, including the crawling sensations and sexual performance issues. But patients must know treatment is costly, prolonged and be ready to follow instructions. Call the helplines

Meningitis scare. What’s up?
Dear Doctor, What is it about meningitis scare in the North? What are the things one should know? Please enlighten the masses.
–Udosen Timipre, Port Harcourt

Dear Udosen,  Nigeria is currently in the grip of an epidemic of meningitis. Infection and injury to the meninges (covering of the brain and spinal cord) is what meningitis means. Broadly speaking, there are two major types of meningitis. There’s this one caused by the meningococcus or Neisseria meningitides and there is the one caused by other germs, like haemophilus; diplococccus pneumonia and so on. The first comes in periodic waves of epidemics and is prevalent during the dry season in the Sahel region, which is the geographic specification of Northern Nigeria. Especially affected are Zamfara, Sokoto, Niger; Katsina and Kebbi states.
We generally ignored the meningococcal meningitis before now because it is rare, but we have an epidemic now and it is from a new subtype of the disease. “Stereotype C,” a new strain of meningococcal meningitis, emerged in Nigeria in 2013 and we can, by immunisation with vaccine, control the spread of the disease, which can kill and is life-threatening. Also, antibiotics applied in very high doses can cure the disease. The disease is contagious and spreads through oral secretions, such as kissing and sharing of spoons and drinking glasses and living in close quarters/overcrowding. Smoking also helps to spread the disease.
When meningococci get into the bloodstream, they can cause another serious condition called meningococcal sepsis. Meningitis causes these symptoms – high fever, headache, nausea and vomiting, a rash, neck stiffness, confusion and sensitivity to light. Early treatment is most imperative because the disease rapidly progresses to invade the blood stream, such that in 24 hours, devastating effects, like death from kidney damage, brain damage, loss of hearing, amputation of fingers, toes and limbs can set in. Any child, teenager or young adult that has high fever should be rushed to hospital for evaluation and treatment.
Vaccines are now available in Nigeria. The British government and WHO have donated vaccines also. Teenagers, according to the Nigerian Centre for Disease Control & Prevention, should get a booster dose at ages 16-18; that is after the initial dose at 11 or 12 years of age.


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