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Atheists kick against worship in corporate organisations

By Bianca Iboma

Atheists Society of Nigeria (ASN) has kicked against the banking industry and other organisations starting office operations with prayers and worship of God Almighty.

Dr. Leo Igwe, an ardent member of the group and one of the facilitors at the maiden national convention held at the University of Lagos, Akoka, Lagos, said religion hinders critical thinking and as individuals they should be allowed to work in organisations without “bringing worship to business and corporate environment.”

The idea should be stopped, people working have a right to decline from prayers”, he said.

He explained that there are reasons that make people decide to become atheists and it should be respected.

According to him, organizations should not compelled staff to pray or worship God in office and it should not discriminate against those who do not noting ‘’people are free and should be given the opportunity to choose not to pray in corporate organizations.

Vice President of Atheists Alliance International (AAI), Mr. Bill Flavell said that atheists make judgments based on scientific reason but that the nature of religion has brought about some negative correlation between beliefs.

Flavell said they are engaged four developmental strategies in tackling evil problem in the society which are safety and community, awareness and understanding, campaign and involvement and participation and equality.

“Atheists are terrified by death because that is the very end of man”, he stated.

Also, President of the apex body of atheists in the country, Mr. Carlitus Igwilo stressed that ASN guarantee public financial support especially to humanitarian services.

Igwilo stated that the impact of religion has affected the way a lot of people reasons that is why they are making the move to liberate their registered members and intending ones who are atheists, humanist secularist and free thinkers through the convention.

“Christian gospel and the falsehood of traditional religion that converted the people. Both religion deals with the unforeseen world. The invisible remains invisible and there is no evidence of its truth or falsehood” he explained.

The Head of publicity, Akorita Isaiah presented a on “The theory of Evolution” where he described the impact nature of traditional belief and evolutionary tree.

Isaiah revealed that the universe was not made by anyone stating creation is a primitive man’s way of explaining the world.


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