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Army recovers bodies of 16 personnel missing in action

The Nigerian Army said it had recovered corpses of “one officer and 15 soldiers’’ earlier declared “Missing in Action” during an operation to dislodge the Boko Haram insurgents from Gashigar Area in Borno on Oct. 16, 2016.

The Theatre Commander of Operation Lafiya Dole, Maj.- Gen. Lucky Irabor, disclosed this at a weekly review of Operation Rescue Final at Maimalari Cantonment, Maiduguri, on Wednesday, January 11.

“The corpses were recovered along Kamadugou River line area in Maiduguri.

“Among the recovered corpses was that of Lt.-Col. K Yusuf, the former Commanding Officer (CO) of 223 Tank Battalion.

“They have since been buried in Maimalari Cantonment Cemetery with full military honours,’’ Irabor said.

(Source: NAN)


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  1. Frank Ikemba 12th January 2017 at 6:55 pm

    Nigeria is in very big trouble regarding BH but we dont seem to realise it. With all the claims about dessimation of the group by government, BH still stage attacks against our forces, slaughter our men like sheep and goats and are still holding onto our girls. What is really happening? All over the world, fight against terrorists is based on information and intelligence. Infact, it is intelligence, intelligence and intelligence. What has happened to our intelligence agencies? military intelligence, Defence intelligence agency, SSS, etc. It appears what is happening to Nigeria presently is failure of intelligence. By the way, who is Shekau? Are we sure he is a human being, a Nigerian or a foreigner masquerading as a Nigerian? So heartless and blood thirsty. If he is a Nigerian, from which local government? From which village and from which family? What is the background of the man that has fought Nigeria, the gaint of Africa, so called, to a standstill for over 6 years and still fighting. Who knows him personally? It is very rare to hear about this blood thirsty monster and yet he has kept the whole country panting for this long! I have not read any detailed profile of Shekau ever since he started his own brand of jihad, and I wonder if there’s any Nigerian that has. I have not heard the amount of pounds or dollars or even Naira put on his head as was done to Buka Suka Dimka in 1976? Osama Bin Laden’s full profile, family background, education pursuit etc was well known to the whole world. Why is Shekau’s profile being kept secret? At least, we have seen his ugly face, but how many Nigerians can tell us about him or that they know him? The absence of positive answers to these questions makes the whole issue of BH very suspicious. Is he hiding in the sky with over 190 of our girls, even when his fortress in Sambisa forest has been dislodged? Methink the Federal government and North East governors have a lot to explain to Nigerian people. They are hiding a lot from us. But like my friend will say ‘ lie lie get end . When lies finish for mouth, the truth will start coming out’ Time will tell.

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