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Are men only as righteous as they are powerful?

And for the acting president, Yemi Osinbajo, a professor of law: “There is complete unity in this business of stealing … when people … say their zones have been marginalised … they are saying that they should be given government appointments.” Sahara Reporters 03-08-17.
With this Osinbajo spoke like a brilliant but busy professor. That is, he is forced to outsource a lot to his research assistants. And they have dutifully supplied him with copious backgrounders and power-points. While one commends their prodigious output, there is a question mark on the subtlety of their understanding. Possession of data or quantities does not amount to the understanding of data and quantities. Simply, it is a trivialisation of logic to speak bogusly of a matter simple set theory, Georg Cantor and all, would have resolved. That ignorance is popular does not make it truth, even when spoken by power.
In the end, what Osinbajo said or didn’t say troubles even the angels. It appears alas that Osinbajo is playing a Yakubu Gowon and Gowonisms.
What is gowonism? It is the unilateral belief that a self-given premise is incontestable. It is that I, a Gowon, am necessarily innocent, and that the other party that is not me, is hell, is guilty. And a Gowon is a man, any man who believes that his acts are those of destiny. And that that destiny is exclusive to him, despite matters being human all too human. So Gowon was tickled beyond measure when he thought that GOWON was a divine augury: Go On With One Nigeria, sorry one Imperial North. That is Gowon is the tragic act of ordinary men playing they are divine omens.
And it is meet we advise, it is this self-righteousness that has triggered the worst crimes against humanity. Hitler also thought he was a historic personage as necessary for the good of humanity as the sun is to the shine of the day. And of course Gowon did not disappoint. Gowon drove himself to inaugurate and supervise the most signal genocide in the entire history of modern Africa and one of the worst in the annals of man. Today, Gowon could be sighted going about allegedly at the work of the lord, his god. But a question. When did Gowon become a Christian? Or perhaps he never read Lamentations 4:9 till Murtala Mohammed sacked him ignominiously? It is worthy to recall that the same Gowon, while exacting genocide on little Igbo children, was prudent enough in one respect. He insisted that only his fellow Anga tribesmen exclusively peopled and headed his Brigade of Guards. Mr. Vice President, these are facts as sacred as those you read in your Bible.
That is, Osinbajo’s best bet is to fear and worship today while in power. And this by deeds. Tomorrow, if he is out of power, he can never do better. Words are empty, gowonistic, if you like. It is deeds that count before history, before judgement and before God, if there be any.
Now, how are great nations built? Most are forged through crisis. But the salient point is this: genius demands that immediately there is a crisis you accede that all parties have come to guilt. No one man’s righteousness is at play. That is exactly what Caesar and Machiavelli, the ablest constructors of states, did. And that is why the one is so readable today and the other a living favourite of enlightened statesmanship. Implied in this is that you may win by force, by thuggery, but that is not logic nor innocence. Caesar knew in his bones that victory is not innocence and does not absolve one of his many dark sins. It is this knowledge that informed his legendary magnanimity. For all he knew, he too was a thug who merely won. Now, Gowon a less gifted commander, perhaps a less than a minor Caesar, thought otherwise. And that is the tragedy that is Nigeria. Magnanimity it is well to put on record is a fairly technical term. It is not charity. Christ gave us magnanimity, not charity.
Now, it is a tribute to the genius of Caesarism, the Roman Empire, for instance, that it generated the concept of Parcere Subjectis. This, in today’s idiom, amounts to the admittance of the defeated into being joint heirs of the post-victory futures. That is, Caesarism foreshadowed Christianity.
This act of not surcharging the weak for being weak, for being defeated, is the secret of the riches of the West, including America. At least this is so within their joint white brotherhood. And it is this Caesar as Christ that accounts for their stability and thus progress. To give example, after the American civil war, not one inch of the political topography was altered by one phoney coup or forged constitutions, etc., and in Nigeria? From Gowon, political Generals, all northern, studiedly and serially redrew Nigeria into an empire-state of the North and were serially forging constitutions. That is the source of all instability and lack of progress. The North led or, fooled by their Generals, want to use fiat, trickery, ukase, political thuggery to generate a Nigerian empire of which they are wooden Caesars?
And to add to the nonsense, the North has institutionally, and now to rub salt into our wounds by numbers, have hijacked all security positions, 99.99 per cent by one account. So with which mouth will a northerner or its agent tell me that there is a Nigeria to be united in? Am I insane? So what exactly is Osinbajo preaching? That others become slaves in their own country?
And it is clear the North is aware of the game she is playing. She knows the ancient lore. If you are not at the table you are then on the menu. That is, by excluding Igbo from the security roundtable, the North and sympathisers want us on their menu list: expulsion, killing of hundreds of IPOB kids, beheading of Mrs. Bridget, the looming genocide against the Igbo reported by Atiku/This Day 08-08-17, etc. And, Mr. Acting President, could you please help us with the never ending list? Even as I write this, I know I can be made menu, assassinated, for a grave sin of mine. And the sin? That I am proudly free, republican and Igbo, in a Gowonistic age, in a Buharistic reign.
What then is to be done? Let Osinbajo or those he represents first point out the injustices, correct them, before calling for unity. Unity is a flowering of justice, of being joint-heirs. Unity is not its own independent flourish. The urgency of now in Nigeria is not unity. It is justice. United for what? So that the security arms, munitions, installations, etc. of the country will be in the exclusive possession of the North?


Why are Americans so rich?

On August 3, 2017, there was a great party. Harry Ray, who just retired as an Assistant Controller, Nigerian Immigration Service, was honoured with an after-hours send-off party. The party was put together by his serving colleagues, Assistant Controller Euclid Ojadi and Deputy Controller Odeh Adapoyi. It all went famously well. One great party anecdote is worth retelling.
One of the attendees was vacationing in America. And to kill time, he just took his nephews in mathematics preps. He was holidaying in his brother’s house.
Suddenly his nephews’ teachers came knocking at their door. And the matter? The teachers were on a mission to find out how their charges, who were C-class students, were now making A’s in their mathematics assignments. What new magic has this prep teacher?
After their talk, there were, 1. A private neighbour deal and he was teaching prep mathematics at top dollars per hour; 2. The teachers, impressed, encouraged him to elope to America for a career as a teacher. And they even guided him on how to qualify for an American teacher’s license, online. He is to retire in the next two years. And by that time, he would have perfected his certification and returned to America a teacher.
And the moral? Americans have no shit for where you are coming from. If you are good, America buys you, OK, buys into you. It is the same sense of generosity, of Parcere Subjectis, here particularised.
The greater point is that it won’t bother the American that you are earning a million dollars, despite having come from Nigeria, where you were literally paid dust. What is America after? Is it a free market deal? If it is then rust is gold. What happens is this: to earn a dollar, good ole Adam Smith has determined that you give out value in spite of yourself. So, if you came to America and made $25 million, by the law of averages, you would have grown America to the extent $100 million. The most efficient of businesses run at 25 per cent net profit. And that is discounting coup-making and being Evans.
And this 100 plus million dollar turnover will remain with them. Added to this will be the examples and add-ons of your deeds. So, by earning millions teaching or doing business in America, Americans see to it that you are creating value, creating wealth. That is, in spite of yourself you are enriching America. And they are thankful. And at any one time you can go back to whence you came, repatriating all your bucks. And the same logic holds for all human endeavours, including teaching. That there are no dollar numbers to them does not deprecate their value. Boy, not all that counts can be counted.
But in Nigeria, if you made a penny outside your state of origin, say Lagos, it is assumed you took your wealth off Lagos. And rather than Lagosians being grateful, they look at you with fishy eyes. That is the disempowering difference that kills Nigerians.
So, folks are not just fleeing to America for the dollars. They are going principally for the joy of being made joint heirs to a great future. That, I am told, is Biafra’s idea and ideal for Africans. So Biafra is not strictly speaking about the cash welfare nexus. Biafra is the idea of America driven by brains and melanin and open to the world. Now, if Nigeria, blockheaded, can’t invent itself out of the hole, can’t she borrow from her superiors? America and Biafra are free to download apps. Or what do ya think, Mr. Acting President? Please let’s see on my Facebook.


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