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Anambra guber : IPOB insists on election boycott

…Declares sit-at-home on Nov. 18

From Jeff Amechi Agbodo, Onitsha 

The Nnamdi Kanu-led Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has declared a sit-at-home protest on November 18, insisting that the people should boycott the governorship election in the state, on the day.

Few weeks ago, the Federal Government proscribed IPOB, declaring it as illegal, but the  group insists that its planned boycott was the only legitimate tool left in the hands of the oppressed to register its displeasure over what it described as the genocide, arbitrary arrests and torture of members of the group by security agencies across the country.

A statement issued by  IPOB’s Publicity Secretary,  Emma Powerful, warns all members of the group in the state to not only stay at home on election day, but also make sure those around them do not vote, saying that if they vote, the government would never take the Biafra agitation seriously.

“We want to bring to the notice of IPOB members in Anambra State that the November 18, election is the day of destiny for all lovers of freedom. Every genuine Biafran  that desires the freedom of Biafra from this Hausa-Fulani caliphate called Nigeria, must not only stay at home on that day, but must also make sure those around them do not vote. November 18, 2017 is a date with history.

“If we succeed in demonstrating before international observers that we are serious about our agitation for freedom by locking down Anambra State on that day, the world will not be in doubt that Biafra is unstoppable. Our destiny is firmly in our hands. We must teach corrupt politicians that money cannot buy IPOB, because we are a special breed, untainted by the corrupt tendencies of Nigerian politics.

“Locking down Anambra State will pave the way for IPOB to announce a date for a substantive referendum later next year with or without the approval of Nigeria. Events in Catalonia and Kurdistan have pointed the way forward for Biafrans, because it was clearly demonstrated by both nations that we can conduct our referendum with or without the cooperation of Nigeria. Election boycott is the only legitimate tool left in our hands to register our displeasure with the ongoing genocide, arbitrary arrests and torture of our people. If we vote, Nigeria will never take the Biafra agitation seriously.

“The whole world is watching to see how serious we are towards the realisation of this great nation of Biafra. The successful boycott of the election on November 18, will prove to the entire world how determined we are towards having our own new nation where all men will be equal before the law.

“For the sake of our leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, who was abducted and presumably murdered by the rulers of Nigeria and their co-conspirators in the South East, we must as a people boycott the election. For the sake of the blood of our fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters murdered in cold blood by security agents, we must boycott the election. For the sake of our hope and collective aspiration as a people unfulfilled and down trodden in Nigeria, we must boycott this and every other election in Nigeria.

“The truth remains that corrupt Igbo politicians want to destroy IPOB by all means because they know we represent the people and will never take money from Abuja to compromise the struggle as they have all done. They were the people that begged Buratai to bring his Islamic army into our land to kill our brothers and sisters because they value the crumbs they are getting from Abuja over our well-being as a people.

“We are therefore asking every Biafran and IPOB member who believe in the supremacy of the restoration of Biafra over deceitful game of Nigerian politics to sit-at-home and not venture come out on the 18th November 2017 no matter the amount of threat and intimidation from federal, state and local government as well as security agents.

“IPOB under the supreme command and leadership of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is determined to show the world how serious we are towards the restoration of Biafra. Come the 18th of November, the world will know that Biafrans cannot participate in a fraudulent election organised by those that came to our land, killed us and when we complained, they tagged us terrorists.

“Biafrans must be aware international observers will be on ground that day from USA, EU, AU, Russia, UK, Israel and France. That is why compromised Efulefu governors, Ohaneze and other sponsored groups have been attacking IPOB and our noble leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. If we lock down Anambra State in spite of their billions of Naira, Operation Python Dance II, blackmail from Ohaneze leadership, the killing of Biafrans at the home of our leader, then Biafra has come. Nigeria will have no choice than to negotiate terms of a referendum. “We must remain strong and resolute before our enemies as our leader taught us. He has come too far to allow propaganda and blackmail to derail us. As the blessed children of the Most High, it is our duty to let the world know that terrorists don’t vote” Powerful stated.


Group vows to work for Obiano’s re-election

By Brown Chimezie

Ahead of the November18 governorship election in Anambra State, the leadership of the Willie Obiano Support Group in Lagos has assured that the group would work hard to ensure that the governor is re-elected for a second term. In a statement signed by the leader of the group in Lagos, Michael Ezejelue Ezekwobi who is also the Eze udo Ndi igbo in Ifako Ogba said the association has fully mobilised Anambra peopple to vote massively for continuity.

On how the governor could win the election without stress, the traditional leader called on the governor to look inward by working closely with associations and groups who are committed to his success at the poll.

He warned that unless the governor carries grassroots associations along, he runs the risk of losing most of his supporters to other candidates.

While commending the governor for his steadfastness to deliver democracy dividends to Anambra people despite economic recession, Ezekwobi urged Anambra people to vote for continuity by voting massively for the governor.

He said the governor had done well in the area of security, regular payment of salary, road construction and award of scholarship to indigent students in higher institutions, adding that in the area of Agriculture, Obiano  has turned Anambra State into food basket as the state now produces enough food to eat and export to neigbouring states.

He called on Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), to ensure fairness during the exercise, saying that the poll would serve as test run for general election which comes up in 2019.



Why Chidoka’ll win –UPP

By Chinelo Obogo

The United Progressive Party (UPP), has said that its candidate, Chief Osita Chidoka, would win the November 18 governorship contest in the state because of his public acceptance, character and experience in public service and his knack for solving difficult problems.

This is just as it described UPP as an egalitarian party that promotes the Igbo quest for self-determination, equity and justice in Nigeria, with the logo of isi-agu, the undying tiger head symbol of the collective consciousness of the Igbo as a courageous people.

According to the party, its candidate’s agenda on critical sectors, including education, health, economy, job creation, security, urban renewal would help in swaying the electorate to vote en mass for the party and its candidate.

In a statement signed by the National Publicity Secretary of the party, Chief Ogbuehi Dike, the party also commended the people of Anambra for embracing its candidate as the “new face of governance,” for the state.

“We appreciate the fact that ndi-Anambra recognize Chief Chidoka’s incomparable vision and templates to reposition the state, revamp ailing sectors and revive our God-given wealth-creating potentials for which we are known as a people. Among all other contenders in the race, Chief Chidoka ranks highest in public acceptance, character and experience in public service, while his agenda on critical sectors including education, health, economy, job creation, security, urban renewal among others remains operably unparalleled. “Our candidate is not only known for his knack for solving difficultproblems and his excellent  performance at the highest levels of public service, but also for his presence of mind to deliver on mandates. His avowed determination to return the state to the people by granting all citizens equal access to available opportunities and resources stands him as against the current oligarchic system stands him out in this race.

“Fortunately, Chief Chidoka is in the pan-Igbo United Progressive Party (UPP);  an egalitarian party that promotes the Igbo quest for self-determination, equity and justice in Nigerian and which has the logo of isi-agu, the undying tiger head symbol of the collective consciousness of the Igbo as a courageous people. “Though voters may have identified with other political parties in the past, today’s reality is that they have now moved to the United Progressive Party (UPP) due mostly to the fact that we have the best candidate, in addition to the ideology of our great party, which connects with their aspirations. Today, the UPP has the largest demography of volunteers and genuine supporters across the state.

“The fact remains that the All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA) as presently constituted has become ideologically vacuous and unable to articulate and pursue the aspirations of the people, hence its rejection by the people.

“On the other hand, the UPP, with its unbendable quest for self-determination and restructuring as enshrined in its manifesto -and for which it is now championing the restoration of the Igbo voice in Nigeria-has now become the new rallying point for ndi-Anambra.

“Furthermore, while Governor Willie Obiano and other political parties in this race refused to stand up for ndi-Anambra in the face of aggressions and unconstitutional military invasions, the UPP and its candidate, Chief Chidoka resolutely fought for them and have continued to defend the people as occasion demands.We therefore call on ndi-Anambra to continue in their support for Chief Osita Chidoka and the UPP.  The way to freedom and a prosperous Anambra, is to thumb print for the isi agu logo of the UPP on the election day.

“We remain intensely inspired by the massive crowd of ndi Anambra who turned out for the flag-off and spent hours under the sun, evincing that incontrovertible fact that the people are indeed resolute about enthroning a government that truly belongs to them.

In that regard, the UPP salutes their courage, commitment and sacrifices towards this all-important project, and will not let them down,” the statement reads in part.


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