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Among Senate, Magu and Hameed Ali

Customs against the South
Nice one. You voiced the minds of Nigerians, some of whom are now dead as a result of the ongoing madness of the Customs against the South.
I am sorry for the Black people, African politics is full of revenge and bitterness. With the level of suffering, poverty, hunger and pains in the land today, some mindless agents can unleash such evil against some tribe because you are not from there and you expect God to heal the land?
The voice of the people is the voice of God. Because of this wickedness and injustice, Nigeria has been on the same spot for too long without any hope, what a shame! I am glad is God who has the final say.
Let us watch and see. It is a matter of time.
Eva’ Bayelsa 08058165511
Thanks for your encouragement
Afternoon Chief Femi. I read your kind commentary on my latest intervention on national issues. Comments from brilliant columnists like you provide the encouragement and tonic to soldier on in defence of our positive values.
Thanks so much for your much-appreciated support.
Col Abubakar Dangiwa Umar.
This change real bad!
Femi, believe Lai Mohammed, and you would believe anything. That guy sings discordant tunes all the time don’t bet a clean dime on his yaks! Now Nigerians have seen what change can mean-bad, real bad. You guys asked for it!
Cheap popularity
I believe what Col. Abubakar Umar is doing is just cheap popularity in the eyes of Nigerians. Why did he not join politics to correct mistakes our leaders made?
Leadership is not bread and butter. It takes two to tango to deliver. He can bring his advice to government on how to make Nigeria great again. Let him not be on the fence, things are going down.
Nigeria is for everybody irrespective of tribe and religion. We should make Nigeria a better place for all.
Gordon Chika Nnorom, Umukabia. 08062887535.
Wonderful work
Kudos to our senators for the wonderful work they are doing, but we need more to be done on the passage of the 2017 budget. God bless Nigeria.
Gordon Chika Nnorom, Umukabia. 08062887535.
Pain, agony
Oh Lord of Mercy, we have not had it this bad. You cannot beat a child and ask him not to cry.
All over the world, the activities of Customs and Excise officials are restricted to the borders and entry points. Going to warehouses and markets to confiscate people’s goods is most unfair and share wickedness.
Certainly, there is more to this action. There is the economic angle to it, and it is in the process of extorting a particular race, this is not acceptable.
The Southern senators and governors should rise up and reject this intimidation. Enough of the pain and agony.
God bless Nigeria
Ify. 08023889617.
Sad enough
Sad enough, the Customs makes the people suffer more from its shortcomings. With the recent raiding of the people’s warehouses, markets and mounting of roadblocks across the South, many lives would be in jeopardy.
Many would be forced out of schools many would be ejected from their quarters many may commit suicide, while some hospitals would stop treatment. This is because the pains continue, forgetting that every one gets in a multiplied measure of whatever he does in essence.
Looters ’ll know no peace
I read your comments in the Daily Sun on a Thursday in April 2017. It was waoo. I see how angry and bitter you are writing, the same bitterness implies to we fellow poor Nigerians.
I say Amen to all the courses you have showered on money looters. Truly they shall not experience peace for eternity. Amen. Well done sir. 09098642689.
Planted loots
When I wrote you sometime ago in reply to your column that all these recoveries (monies) both in local and hard currencies are planted by government agencies to paint the opposition black you might not have believed me.
It is exactly what happened during the (Samuel Ladoke) Akintola/Sardauna (Ahmadu Bello) alliance in the 60’s. If you joined them against (Obafemi) Awo you became a saint. But if you refused you were not only in trouble but a looter.
Ife crisis: Nigeria needs restructuring
Any nationality in Nigeria that refuses to champion restructuring of this country and cling, to the Hausa/Fulani ownership of this country for government appointments and contracts, should accept whatever humiliation he or she receives for collaboration. They do not need to complain. Augustine Ukaegbu, Owerri. 08179430191.
Identities of the dead
May we know the identities of the dead casualties?  If they are all Hausa people, then the arrests are in order. The Yoruba will have a case if they show that one or two of the dead are Yoruba. 08060066455.
Sir, the Yoruba and Igbo are slaves.
Insightful piece
Femi, that was a great and insightful piece on the Ife communal clash. The police should know that too much of everything is bad.
One-sided arrest can only trigger more crises and disunity in the land. If you are not part of the solution, you are pat of the problems.
Why are some people untouchables till date? Who is a fool? What a people, what a nation, what a shame!
Their movements and game are now clear to everybody. What at will be, will be when due. I am glad to let them know that is God that has the final say.
Ify. 08023889617.
You can’t escape judgment
My greatest happiness is that those who mocked former president Goodluck Jonathan in 2015 are now crying. They are confused. There is no way they will escape judgment, there is a price for every action.
God will help President Buhari to continue to nail them even if it is selective. Some other president in future will select others.
Friday Udo, Uyo. 08027622232.


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