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NEXT Sunday, February 18, 2018, marks the 53rd birthday of the next governor of Abia State, by God’s grace, Dr. Alex Otti. But for the 2015 executive and demonic forces that truncated his supersonic ascent to the leadership of my state in extirpation of its systemic degeneracy accentuated by surrogacy, ‘His Excellency’ would have been the currency of prefix phraseology.

Notwithstanding the delay in the actualization of the profundity of his governorship reality, in the astounding case of this 53rd anniversary, there cannot be a commemorative staleness because of the contemporaneity of his dreams, visionary poignancy and revolutionary entrepreneurship. Each day in his life is a prodigious statement full of conceptualizations and a flourish of investment ideas. With him, there is no dull moment.

If you want to provoke his ire, do any of these: tell a lie, show unintelligence, give inkling of familiarity contempt (relationship abuse), steal money or commit any fraudulent act, display timidity, exhibit slothfulness, and dress shabbily. Conversely, the oppositeness of these manifestations nurtures his affinity for anyone! 

This banking guru’s passion for quintessence in all departments of life smacks of existential fanaticism that clearly domesticates survivalist responsibility. He does not subscribe to short-cuts. A new kid on the political turf whose triumphant attitudinal disposition to life is universal, Dr. Otti goes for the summit with superlative anchorage. No half measures in any circumstance.

He believes nothing is impossible in this world. That is his philosophy of life. All challenges are surmountable hence he does not take impossibility for an answer. To him, everything is doable as long as you put your mind to it. That is his unimpeachable resolution! This same doggedness applies to his quest for Abia governorship, sooner than later.

The superfluity of his philanthropy, which transcends consanguinity, is such that he does not like seeing people suffering. There have been instances where he met less-privileged members of the society in sorry situations and had to intervene with alacrity in changing their lives. He does this without any class or other extraneous considerations. This economic wizard’s generosity is breathtaking. Even without having met him, I have benefited immensely from him doubly.

Nothing makes this entrepreneurial whiz-kid happy as diligence, which explains the robustness of his passion for hard work by those privileged to be associated with him. Dr. Otti has fertilized and watered innumerable private initiatives of people who have come his way over the years from all walks of life. His accommodative organizational capacity is unparalleled in this part of the world. The testimonious declarations you digest here are factual beneficent attestations to this astute world-class financial expert who has an uncanny penchant for transforming dormant businesses.

Another intriguing aspect of this consummate humanist we are celebrating today, especially, and other days, is his quintessential humility and simplicity. Overall, Dr. Otti, an unprecedented visionary symbol, has a profundity of energy, enthusiasm and empathy running in his veins.  At times, those who know him closely wonder whether he would ever retire from economic and financial activism.

I have the conviction that his beneficiaries’ prayers—including mine—for him have the propensity to keep him for the next 58 years and possibly beyond. Simply put, this man has affected and continues to affect uncountable lives, many of whom I know. He enjoys offering friends limitless opportunities.

This is hoping that this anniversary tribute will not turn out to be an unauthorized and sketchy biography of this colossus! Another amazing aspect of Dr. Otti is the depth of cerebral endowments that startle everyone. My colleague and sister, Ijeoma Nwaogwugwu, reaffirmed this in her damning comparative analysis between Dr. Otti and the outgoing stooge there pursuant to the 2015 governorship poll in Abia State.

His intelligence quotient that underpins his thought processes as applied during public interactive sessions with him is unimaginable. He has ideas about virtually everything in this world and talks confidently about them. If you are not knowledgeable about issues, you had better not confer with him on anything! Otherwise, you will leave him in no doubt about your vacuity.

The writer does not know, yet, if there is anyone who can be compared to this governor-in-waiting in terms of attitudinal disposition, philanthropic invaluableness, generation of novelties and success inclination.

It seems, somehow, that there is divine manifestation in whatever he lays his hand upon which gives rise to Midas touch in all he does. He does not compromise excellence and goes for the best in anything at stake: there is this amazing consciousness about quality. His sagacity, mind fertility and business versatility are unequalled in our time.

Another characterization of this self-effacing celebrator is his noble disregard for people’s perception of him and what anyone may say concerning him. He focuses on what he believes in, vigorously pursues it and does need any support. Over the years, this has worked and keeps working for him.

Hypercritics of Dr. Otti accuse him of intellectual snobbery because he never suffers fools gladly. They allege that he carries on too confidently and depends essentially on his cerebral capability and capacity. He unapologetically believes, according to them, that nobody is superior to him, knowledge-wise. Interestingly, this brain power has worked for him in years gone by! Nincompoops and fraudsters put him off.

Clearly, he is a generational anchor endowed with divine blessings. He personifies entrepreneurship strewn with benevolence. A gentleman with an especial touch who has mastered his environment by conquering all the latent constituents and elemental forces against all episodic odds, this investment captain remains an embodiment of industry, a beacon and blistering light in usually impossible tunnels and difficult terrains.

The best is yet to come from this adept innovator, revolutionary extraordinaire, gem of our time and a generational statement.

An inspirational giant (not his physicality!), highly imaginative and full of ideas, Dr. Otti’s sense of humour and experimental management of human capital and other productive resources are inimitable.

I round off this tribute by underscoring the fact that God’s favours to this friend of mine are immeasurable. He is 99 per cent self-made. There is nothing else to add here except Happy Birthday, Sir!

May you continue to find favour in the sight of God and man. Let me paraphrase the Psalmist: may the Almighty cause your name to be celebrated in all generations. On retirement—if ever—you will be remembered for your unfazed economic nationalism and transformation of Abia State, as governor, next year, hopefully.

This is wishing Dr. Otti many happy returns of February 18! When are we converging on your expansive Romanesque country-home to savour its architectural splendour and aristocratic allure amid kegs of palm-wine, dishes of fresh fish pepper-soup and the gastronomic satiety of African salad stewed in stockfish and other condiments?


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