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A good spa treatment should awaken your senses –Tukur

By Christine Onwuachumba:

Hadiza Nyako Tukur is a successful entrepreneur and co-founder of the first northern Nigerian luxury traditional day spa in Lagos called Henna Place.A women only spa that specializes in beauty and skin care treatment using natural products and techniques from the north. Saturday Sun spoke with her;

Important tips one should be aware of when visiting a spa?

 Do some research, have an idea of the services they offer and what you would like to try. One spa experience can be completely different from the next, so it’s important to be open-minded.Remember that you are there for comfort so do not hesitate to speak out when you feel pain or discomfort.

What are the important features/services every upscale spa should have?

Great customer service, the customer is king and so this is very important.Great ambience,your senses should awaken as soon as you walk inside a spa.In Henna place,this is done using turaren wuta (incense) and some light cultural music playing in the background. Customers should  feel calm, relaxed and have a feel of Northern Nigeria.

What are the skin benefits of traditional spa treatments?

Traditional spa treatments are a natural and effective way to get your skin feeling and looking radiant. Just like the contemporary and Asian spas, body treatments like body scrub, facial, waxing and a lot more. We use melted sugar and lime for body waxing, which is a100% natural hair removal method, some spas use chemicals and other toxic ingredients that could potentially be harmful to your skin. The use of only organic and natural products on your skin enhances its regenerative and healing properties.

Does a person’s skin or body type determine the type of treatment they receive at a spa?

Yes, a person’s skin type determines the treatment they will receive. There are three major skin types – dry, oily and combination skin. There is spa treatment for every skin type. For example there is the baobab facial which tightens loose skin and also the rice facial for oily or acne prone skin.

Are there other treatments for stress and tension better than a massage?

Generally being pampered through the body treatment is very soothing and relaxing however we also use a lot of aromatherapy. This is an old method of relieving stress through the sense of smell, which is why we offer a wide range of incenses and burners in store.

Give us an insight on  smoke bath treatment, how does it work and what are the benefits?

Dukhan is a beauty secret that has been used for decades in the northern parts of Nigeria. A scented smoke bath is used to tighten and cleanse the female intimate area. The Dukhan treatment is particularly popular amongst brides, wives and new mothers. It is a painless treatment that is also perfect for skin toning, detox and relaxation.

How often should one visit a spa?

For the best result in skin care, we recommend a visit to the spa at least once a month.

What makes traditional spa treatments a preferred choice?

Traditional spa is preferable because these practices have been passed down from generations and all products used are organic.


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