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29th Enugu International Trade Fair begins March 16

Raphael Ede, Enugu

The 29th edition of the Enugu International Trade Fair will kick off from March 16, 2017, ending in March 26, 2018.

President of Enugu Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Mines and Agriculture (ECCIMA), Emeka Udeze, announced this, on Thursday.

Udeze who disclosed that the theme of of the Fair is, “Engendering the Competitiveness of Nigerian Products in the Global Market,” said six countries, including United States of America, Japan, South Africa and Indonesia have indicated interest to participate.

The ECCIMA president said that the Fair is expected to be declared open by President Muhammadu Buhari, adding that Ghana and Turkey have also registered among several indigenous firms participating in the Fair.

Udeze said that efforts for its successful hosting as well as road map for its successful organisation have been put in place, even as he admitted that activities they carried out recently, “dolve tailed our planning”.

He said that the 29th edition will be unique as the fair is being packaged to have meaningful and positive effects and outcome for all stakeholders, especially in effort to return the economy towards the path of growth and development.

“The Agricultural Sector will continue to receive attention in our specially designated area during the Fair aimed at boosting indulgence in Agricultural production and commercial farming, more so as it remains a critical sector towards our diversification efforts, so also for the mining/solid mineral sector, with focus on the linkages and value chain benefits.

“As part of our efforts to boost the success of the Fair, we shall as it is strategic, visit some selected institutions and organizations for sensitization and consolidating our network and reach marketing programme”.

Udeze stressed that ECCIMA cutting edge remains her efforts towards enhancing the special designated area in the Fair complex for the exhibition of new products, prototypes, innovations and research findings for commercialization.

The ECCIMA president announced that the chamber had taken measures to boost infrastructure inside the Fair ground, including reinforcement of of the electricity distribution. Ends


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