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2019: No vacancy in Ebonyi government house – Nworie

As a patriotic citizen of Ebonyi State, I want to make it categorically clear that there is no vacancy in the government house of Ebonyi State.

Tony Udemba

The governor of Ebonyi State, Dave Umahi, has been described as a man of uncommon vision, well focused and great achiever. This was disclosed by Evangelist Jacintha Nwakaego Nworie, Special Assistant to the governor of Ebonyi State on Solid Minerals, in an interview with Daily Sun in the state.

What is your take on the second term ambition of the Ebonyi State governor, Dave Umahi?

As a patriotic citizen of Ebonyi State who has seen the benefits of giant transformation strides of our governor, I want to make it categorically clear that there is no vacancy in the government house of Ebonyi State. Certainly, all Ebonyians are saying that the present occupier of the government should continue to stay there because of the good work he is doing. The continuity of our amiable governor is for the greater benefit of the good people of Ebonyi State. For years our state has been walloping in abject poverty, darkness, abandoned and forgotten mainly due to the lack of vision and poor leadership by previous governments, until the coming of the present governor, Chief Dave Umahi, who came in on a rescue mission. His administration ushered in much needed hope and pathway that our people have been crying for over the years, and within few years of his government everyone in the state and even visitors can easily see the wonderful achievements by the governor.

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How do you rate other aspirants seeking for the governorship in the state?

Simply put, I want to tell you that Umahi don’t have any serious contender to his office. Before one would come out to contest against someone like Dave Umahi, you have to first of all look at his political status and accomplishments. You must have where you are coming from. What are your antecedents? You must ask yourself, what have I done for my state that will make them to even look at me or even give me any considerations? All I can say is that those masquerading or dreaming to contest against the governor have not done up to three percent of what he has done for the people of Ebonyi State. In fact, those coming to contest against him are perhaps just out to waste their funds and make some noise. The truth is that Dave Umahi has no challenger for the gubernatorial seat in the state. He does not even need to embark on any campaign because the people of Ebonyi State, the true beneficiaries of his services, are set to appreciate him with massive re-election votes for another four years in 2019 general election.

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What are your views on the ‘uncommon’ transformation taking place in your state?

First of all, I would want to give special thanks and sing songs of praises to Almighty God for all that. He has been doing for the good people of Ebonyi State, especially for using our dear governor, Chief Dave Umahi, as a divine vessel to rescue the Ebonyi people from many decades of darkness and backwardness inflicted on the people by past visionless and selfish governments. The situation then was worse than what happened during the biblical years of the great locust. Our people were like a forgotten race, with no hope of transforming to something better. Instructively, while we were bemoaning our fate, we never knew that God was busy planning something big that will bring visible changes to our people. Alas, when we had almost lost hope, God in His infinite mercy, brought to us, Engr. Dave Umahi, a man of great vision, tenacity of purpose and political sagacity to thoroughly navigate the state and its people out of the years of locusts. Truly, God used him to bring out the state from the darkest part of the pit and usher us into the ambers of sunlight. And today, Ebonyi people have been completely severed from the years of perennial darkness and oblivion and we are now in the era of sunshine.

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