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2019: NIREC urges Nigerians to vote leaders with integrity

Billy Graham Abel, Yola

The Nigeria Inter-Religious Council, Adamawa State chapter, has warned Nigerians against allowing themselves to be drawn into giving religious coloration to issues affecting the nation, saying as 2019 approaches, the country’s leadership should be decided based on the credibility, competence and integrity of candidates seeking election and not based on religion.

The Council said this, on Monday, after its peace project meeting in Yola, Adamawa State.

Speaking shortly after the Council’s meeting, President of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Adamawa State chapter, Bishop Dami Mamza said, “Christians and Muslims in the country are not at war with each other and should not allow religion to be used as a weapon against the interest of the nation noting that all faiths suffer from the lethal effects of bad governance and as members of the same community the quality of leadership affects us all.”

“What we need is good governance and that is what should decide who Nigerians vote into office in 2019. Good and responsible leadership is what we all need not religious candidates. We need someone, even if the person does not have religion but has the capacity to lead the country without prejudice and discrimination, then Nigerians should vote for that person.”

He described the security challenges facing the country as, “Acts carried out by criminals taking laws into their hands with no fear of God and completely detached from any religion.”

President of the Muslim Council Adamawa in the state, Alh. Sahabo Magaji, also speaking at the occasion said, the council was on a peace project aimed at enlightening all people of faith in the state to work for peace and peaceful co-existence.

In the words of Magaji, “The meeting of leaders of both Christian and Muslim faiths in Adamawa state is symbolic of the unity of purpose and commitment of both parties towards strengthening peaceful co-existence in the state and the country at large and we expect members of our faith to follow our example.”

“The meeting discussed matters affecting the country at large and has resolved to mobilise its members to campaign for peace and harmony in the state and the country at large,” Magaji maintained.


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