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2019 Abia Central senatorial seat: It’s our turn -Egbulefu

From James Ojo, Abuja

Chief Festus Chidozie Egbulefu viewed recent political developments in the Central Senatorial District of Abia, and concluded that the need had arisen for the voice of reasons not to relent in the genuine clamour to have an Ikwuano man to represent the district in the Upper chamber of the National Assembly in 2019.
To him, he says in a recent chat that the clamour was not just for clamouring sake, or just to fill in the gap, nor a wishful thinking, but about matters of natural law of equity, justice and fairness, which are parameters to measure developments in any human society.
He noted that “Ndi Ikwuano therefore need to key into the practice of Black roots science philosophy where Old people are not kept in nursing home, but stayed at home to teach their grandchildren ways of life, truth, equity, justice, transparency and fair play.
“It is therefore imperative to sound it loud and clear that politicians and technocrats, professionals and qualified truth sons and or daughters of Ikuwano aspiring for positions in government must not accept any offer that is less than the seat reserved for this district in the red chamber of the National Assembly.
“Should we remind ourselves that the general elections of 2019 will mark a turning point in the political history of ‘Ndi Abia’ and more especially, Abia Central Senatorial District, yes, it will and indeed, this is why we must all rise up in our areas of influence to champion this course, which unfortunately, some greedy lots are trying to sabotage.”
He however called on “ every true sons and daughters of the land” to take active interest in the politics of the area and ensure that they participate in the electoral process “to enhance the advancement of our human capital development if we desire to be like other progressive states in the country.”
Explaining why the people of Ikwuano deserved the 2019 ticket, Egbulefu further said: “worthy of note is that in the wisdom of the architects of the creation of Abia Central Senatorial District, it was partitioned into three local government areas, each to Ngwa and Ikwuano/ Umuahia extractions. It is on record that out of the six councils, it is only Ikwuano local government that has not been to the senate of the Federal Republic since the return to democratic government in 1999.
“This is where Justice, Equity and Fair Play should come in, if the zone wants to be stabilized politically without fear or favour. Interestingly, representation in the Senate had been Senator Nkechi Nwaogu from Osisoma local government, Senator Bob Nwanunun from Isiala Ngwa South  local government.
“From Isiala Ngwa North Local government came Senator Mark Nwulu, when it was the turn of Umuahia South Local government, it was Senator Dr. Chris Adigihjige, and from Umuahia North Local government is the current Senator T. A. Orji , after an eight year rule as governor of the state. It is only Ikwuano local government that it is yet to produce a Senator for the Abia Central District.
“Therefore, to insist that the only local government in a Senatorial district made up of six councils should be supported by the rest to have a shot at the throne should not be misconstrue as promoting zoning system.”
On zoning, he said: “sometimes, zoning in its gamut do promotes mediocrity, but like Maureen Potter said that politicians are like nappy that should be changed often for the same reason is why as a proponent of participatory democracy, no argument will be sufficient enough to deny Ikuwano as the next occupant of the Abia Central Senatorial seat in 2019.
“Now, some cacophony of strange voices seem to be rising and to portray lack of unity of purpose in Ikwuano land, such voices need to be nip in the bud so as to mitigate any damages to our collective aspiration as a people. Even though, such people are very few and can be categorised as paper weight, they still have the tendency to send a wrong signal to the public that we are not united in our resolve to produce the next Senator for Abia Central in 2019, this is why such characters must be cut to size.”
While calling on those he described as “dissidents” to desist from portraying the people of the area as being divided over their quest, Egbulefu said “sufficed in this regards was a reaction to an aggregate position of the people of Ikwuano as espoused in a well published article sometime in August, precisely, August 10, 2017. The reference to this publication in the Daily Sun became germane because of subsequent developments and grape vine theories.
“A reaction in a business newspaper, BusinessDay sponsored by an Ikwuano man was not only spurious; it introduced falsehood into the debate. But the joy of it was that the position canvassed in the Daily Sun publication was applauded by Ikwuano people at home and in Diaspora.
“Twisting the will of his  people to please some pay masters that Ikwuano people have no candidate to occupy the seat of Abia Central Senatorial District come 2019 has fetched the fellow the post of a state cabinet member as a commissioner. This is no gain saying that he, with his cohorts introduced falsehood into the debate of the agitation of  Ikwuano people, who felt nothing short of occupying the seat of the zone, but for his likes, selling their birthright for a porridge of yam is political expedient, what a sad development.
Notwithstanding, a great people has been moved to defend the collective interest of Ikwuano, and there is no going back, because a cursory check of his antecedent shows that his comments were based on deceit, self-centeredness, greed for his own benefits and self-aggrandizement which does not in any way represent the interest or aspiration of the Ikwuano people,” Egbulefu added.


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