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2.1kg of heroin seized in drug bust, 6 arrested in Singapore

About 2.1kg of heroin as well as some Ice and Erimin-5 tablets were seized, on Tuesday, in an operation conducted by the Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB). 

It led to the arrest of six suspects – five men and a woman – in Changi and Woodlands. 

In a news release on Wednesday, CNB said it trailed a 35-year-old Singaporean man to a coffeeshop in the Changi area where he met with two Malaysian suspects. 

After the Singaporean man left the place a short while later, CNB officers arrested him and recovered about 1,360g of heroin in the bag he was carrying. The two Malaysians were also arrested, with a total of S$2,400 recovered from them, said CNB.

Officers then raided the 35-year-old suspect’s hideout along Changi Road and arrested two other Singaporeans in the flat – a 42-year-old suspected drug trafficker and a 61-year-old suspected abuser. 

About 280g of heroin and 16g of Ice were recovered from the flat. Another 450g of heroin was seized from the car of the 42-year-old suspect whose hideout in the Woodlands Crescent area was also raided later.

Officers found 60g of heroin, three Erimin-5 tablets and some drug paraphernalia at the Woodlands unit, said CNB, adding that a 42-year-old female drug abuser was also arrested there.

Altogether, the drugs seized in Tuesday’s operation are worth about S$150,000, according to CNB. 

Investigations are ongoing. Those found guilty of trafficking more than 15g of diamorphine or pure heroin could face the death penalty. That amount of diamorphine is equivalent to 1,250 straws, which is sufficient to feed the addiction of about 180 abusers for a week. (ChannelNewsAsia)


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